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Type IIIA sheet piling

Type IIIA sheet piling was approached to help them find a solution. Finally, the section of anchor block is designed against the stress induced by anchor rod and earth pressure. One advantage that the special connector has over the more traditional fabricated corner or junction section is that once a fabricated pile is formed it cannot easily be changed.

As a result we designed a custom type 3A steel sheet pile and called it the GP. This was a variation to the catalogue issued. Again, the shear stress can be neglected considering only the bending stress. In the case of temporary works, the rolled corners or junctions can be tacked in place before driving and burned off after extraction to leave a serviceable pile section.

The SP-IIIA sheet piles is designed with an open clutch suitable for post installation grout sealing. The pile is for de-watering works, groundwater cut-off walls and pollution control situations. A junction or corner for use elsewhere. In the case of the Omega 18 and Delta 13 profiles. 
In this case, it is common practice to treat the anchor block as continuous beam in the horizontal direction and cantilever in the vertical direction.
SP-3A sheet pile with its light weight, wide profile and minimal clutches also provides an attractive commercial proposition for retaining walls and other applications, with the brand of FSP,JFE,JFESP,SKSP,TSP, JFE, JFESP.And the properties are 400x150x13.1


Section Dimensions Sectional Area Mass Moment of inertia Modulus  of section 
Width Height Thickness Pile Wall
b h/2 t          
mm Mm mm cm2/pile kg/m kg/m2 cm4/m cm3/m
ⅢA 400 150 13.1 74.4 58.4 146 22800 1520