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Steel Grade and Dimensional Tolerances for cold formed sheet piles

Cold formed sheet piles have many advantages against hot rolled sections. The production process is the cold forming process. With a brake press, steel plates in different steel grade are bent into the required sheet piles. We can produce buy different types of width and thickness of coils, which means we can control the lead time. With cold formed sheet piles, we can customize new sections and shape which could be optimized to save on weight. This method is to form sheet piles along straight, longitudinal, parallel bend lines with multiple pairs of contoured rolls.

Arcelor mittal Started to produced the cold formed sections in Europe. Contractors find it is perfect materials for soft soils and sand in Dutch, Belgium, and Luxemburg. Then Nippon Steel produce its own popular sizes in Asia. And China manufacturers finished the full line of production catalogs. Thickness can be from 3mm to 16mm, which is the bending limit for cold formed sheet pile. And the width can be from 100mm to over 1500mm per single sheet piles. This really give clients and contractors many many options. From then, contractors and excavators are not limited to Arcelor and Thyssen.

Cold formed steel sheet piles, consisting of straight and rounded walls. are made from hot rolled flat products according to EN 10249. Within the permitted tolerances, they have a constant cross-section and a thickness not less than 2mm.

The most important things for sheet piles are sectional properties such as section modulus, moment of inertia and steel grade. Normally an engineer will stipulate the bending moment capacity of each pile, and any sheet piles with equivalent sections can perform the exact same characteristics.

Structural properties according to EN 10249-1, june 1995 edition and corresponding national standards

We can produce accurately measured sheet piles as according to client specifications and quality standards. Multiple pairs of contoured rollers are used to progressively shape the flat rolled steel into the required sheet pile profile. And will be cut to length at factory.

Grade Tensile strength Min. yield strength Min. Elongation Comparable to other standards
  N/mm2 N/mm2 % France UK BS4360 Germany  
S235 JRC 340 to 470 235 26      
S275 JRC 410 to 560 275 22 E28-2 Grade 43B St44-2
S355 JOC 490 to 630 355 22 E36-3 Grade 50 C St52-3U
ASTMA690 345 485 21      

Note:ASTMA690 sheet piles are high-strength low alloy steel grades for use in Marine Environments.