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Steel beam( H beam, I beam) and Channel steel

IPE - Steel sections with parallel flanges

IPN - European standard sections

HEA HEB HEM - European wide flange sections

HL - European extra wide flange sections

HD - Wide flange columns

HP piles - Wide flange bearing steel piles

UPE - Channels with parallel flanges

UPN - European standard channels

U - European channels with taper flanges

S beams: American standard sections

W - American wide flange sections

HP American wide flange bearing piles;

C American standard steel channels:

MC American channels:

UB British Universal Sections

J - British joists with taper flanges

UC British Universal Columns:

UBP - British universal bearing piles with wide flanges

PFC - British parallel flange channels

CH - British channels with taper flanges

H - Japanese H sections

HG - Russian hot rolled sections

UE- Russia channels with taper flanges

H beams looks like the letter H. And I beams are also called steel beams. Channel steel are used all over the world. Channel steel can also be called steel channel. We can supply all kinds of steel beams, and Channel steel.