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SN steel sheet piles

Light sheet piles produce a wide range retaining wall solutions in order to cater for virtually every sheet pile application.It is also possible to arrange pairs of U piles to form a jagged wall by connecting them together with Omega 18 special connectors.Sheet pile is available in a wide range of section moduli per meter of pile wall width, ranging from 500 to 8,700cm3.The result is that the divide between hot rolled and cold formed sheet piles is becoming increasingly blurred, and there is increasing crossover in applications.In this arrangement, the pile pairs are orientated at 90 to each other creating a deep wall with very high inertia and section modulus. This allows selection of the most economical type of sheet pile to suit the design requirements and the intended construction method.

The latest trends in steel sheet pile technology are producing thinner and wider .In addition to its rigid structure, its moment of inertia per pile is relatively large, thus allowing  repetitive use.ESC are constantly working to modify existing designs to better meet customer requirements, and to introduce new pile ranges which suit different applications. Omega 18 connectors must also be welded if their contribution is taken into account during design.

Sheet piling is a service-proven type familiar to both designers and constructors. The U-type sheet pile is extensively used for permanent structures, temporary earth-retaining works and temporary cofferdams.SN-IA,SN-I,SN-II is good news for the consumer, as it provides a wider range of sheet pile alternatives for almost all project types.The choice of section for this type of wall must include driveability criteria and the designer must ensure that the sections are crimped or welded together in order to guarantee the shear force transfer across the interlock on the neutral axis.

Meanwhile, improvements in steel quality are resulting in thicker plates being used for cold rolling/forming of sheet piles. This sheet pile boasts extremely high tensile strength at its interlocking sections and is suited for use in SN-IA,SN-I,SN-II,SN-IIU,SN-IIIU,SN-V,SN-VU

We are always able to custom design profiles to suit project specific requirements. It is available in section modulus per meter of pile wall width ranging from 529 to 3,820cm3 We can do almost an infinite range of profile options,like SN-IIU,SN-IIIU, SN-V,SN-VU




  Dimensions Weight Per meter of wall
Types Thickness Width Height Per pile Per wall Modulus of Section Moment of Inertia
mm mm mm Kg/m Kg/m2 Cm3/m Cm4/m
SN-I A 4   5   250   250  34   35  10.3   12..9 41.2   51.6  31.6   39.2 71.2   89.2
SN-I 4   5 333   333 34   35 12.8   16.0 38.4   48 45.0   55.0 76.5   96.0
SN-II 4   5 250   250 39.5  40.5 11.3   14.2  45.2   56.8 60.0   71.6 140.7 160.5
SN-II U 4   5 333   333 45.5  46.5 14.2   17.9 42.6   53.7 108   137 385   476
SN-III U 5   6 333   333 85   87 19.3   23.3 57.9   69.9 272   330 2000  2480
SN-V 6   7 400   400 149   150 35.3   41.2 88.2   103 473   538 3550  4050
SN-VU 5    6 7 500   500    500 160   161    162 33.6   40.4    47.1 67.2   80.8   94.2 452   540 626 3620  4360 5080

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