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OZ1 sheet piling

All steel sheet piling supplied by Oriental are marked with a unique number and accompanied by a Manufacturing Certificate. Sealed sheet pile cut off walls can be used to prevent leachate from contaminated ground or refuse and disposal sites leaking beyond the boundaries of the site.It could be a unique engineering problem to solve or a challenging delivery schedule.ESC also have extensive quality control procedures, manufacturing procedures and inspection and testing procedures, which are fully documented and available for submittal to Customers on request.

It should be noted that concrete and slurry wall systems are porous in the long term and, as they are both relatively brittle materials, their ability to retain water will diminish if cracks appear
as a result of movement or exposure to loading fluctuations.This document provides certificates for the raw material used in the piles, traceability for the raw material through the manufacturing process, quality inspection documents and independent test certificates. O-Pile systems are a rapidly expanding construction method that utilize pipes to form extremely strong foundations, barriers and retaining walls in a cost effective way.Grand piles are produced in accordance with the latest international standards for OZ13A,OZ14A,OZ15A,OZ16A,OZ17A,OZ18A. Sheet pile barriers offer a sealed solution on a much smaller footprint and the barrier can be placed at the site boundaries to maximise the ground area contained.We think ahead. When you say 4 weeks delivery, we hear 3.

Arcelor have designed and supplied OZ sheet pile to projects in New Zealand, Antarctica, Afghanistan, Australia, Chile,China, Haiti, Kenya. Sheet piles used in basements or as the foundations at the perimeter of a building can also be sealed to prevent gases and leachate from redeveloped brown field sites from entering the building.Every customer meets us for a reason.At Mer Lion Metals, we understand and will go to lengths to create a seamless and hassle free solution that fits your needs.

Thyssencrupp has now established production facilities in Malaysia, China and the UAE which combined are capable of producing over 100,000MT per year. These traditional methods take up large areas of ground, are generally formed away from the edge of the site and are prone to leakage.O-Piles庐 offer a stronger more efficient, and more cost effective alternative to high modulus wall using beams and heavy Z or U-Type sheet piles.Agents are established in most regions around the world.ESC sheet piles have been used on sites controlled by some of the most well known names in engineering design, including Mott MacDonald, Beca, and many others.

Traditionally these barriers to horizontal movement of liquids have been made using clay bunds or cement bentonite walls. OZ19A,OZ20A,OZ20,OZ21,OZ22.OZ23A, OZ24 can also be removed at a later date and reused or recycled.Apart from excellent quality products and trustworthy customer service, Mer Lion is where you can be sure you have the steel pipes with welded-on patented connectors that form a continuous or combined steel wall. We have established working relationships with manufacturers of steel, paints, tie rods systems, tape wrapping systems, cathodic protection systems and all other items usually associated with sheet piling works, in order to provide complete packages to customers.




Section Width Height Thickness Sectional
Mass Section
Moment of
B mm H mm T mm cm2/m kg/m Single 
kg/m2 of 
cm3/m cm4/m
0Z Sections
OZ13A 675 392 6.5 104.7 55.5 82.2 1370 27251
OZ14A 675 392 7.0 112.7 59.7 88.5 1470 29281
OZ15A 675 392 7.5 120.7 64.0 94.8 1570 31325
OZ16A 675 392 8.0 128.7 68.2 101.1 1670 33350
OZ17A 685 392 8.5 134.5 72.3 105.6 1780 35558
OZ18A 685 392 9.0 142.5 76.6 111.8 1880 37580
OZ19A 685 392 9.5 150.2 80.8 118.0 1970 39595
OZ20A 685 392 10.0 158.2 85.1 124.2 2070 41601
OZ20 650 429 8.0 138.8 70.8 108.8 1980 43293
OZ21 650 429 8.5 147.1 75.1 115.5 2100 45912
OZ22 650 429 9.0 155.5 79.4 122.1 2220 48521
OZ23A 650 429 9.5 163.8 83.6 128.6 2330 51120
OZ24A 650 429 10.0 172.3 87.9 135.2 2450 53709