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NL light sheet pile

Light sheet pile has been designing and producing since the late 1980’s, and are now a leading manufacturer of cold rolled/formed sheet piles, supplying a global network. The development of rolled corner sections has enabled a new generation of bearing pile to be created. Nippon Steel sheet piles are used for a wide range of construction projects, including port and harbor
construction, river improvement, earth retaining and cofferdams.

The Group has production facilities in Malaysia, China and The United Arab Emirates. Production times are fast and product quality guaranteed.By interlocking a number of sheet piles with the same number of Omega bars a closed tube results which can be driven into the ground sequentially.NL-1N,NL-2N,NL-2U are highly rated for their excellent quality and exceptional work efficiency.

The objective of the steel sheet pile is to use our wide range of expertise to provide customers with efficient and quality products and services that meet their stated and implied requirements. Using equipment that installs piles without noise and vibration, the ability to drive a closed section pile by pile means that load bearing foundations made of steel can be installed at sensitive sites and in urban areas where impact driven piles would not be tolerated.Nippon Steel, drawing on a wealth of rolling, fabrication and application technologies amassed over the years and further adding to the superb properties of its sheet piles, has recently developed various new products and
construction methods in this field, which have also won for the company a high reputation.

The approach to sheet piles is orientated on the customers requirements. In addition to the reduction in environmental disturbance offered by this system, the foundation is effectively load tested as it is installed and can be loaded immediately. NL-3,NL-3U,NL-5N believe that simply supplying a product is insufficient, therefore the level of support a customer receives when they are considering purchasing products is unprecedented. Nippon Steel will continue its efforts to develop novel products that bring the properties of sheet piles into full play and to respond to more stringent and diversifying user needs in the future.

This ranges from general advice on the Client’s options to full engineering support and design, and includes necessary accessories such as painting, tie rods and other items associated with sheet piling works. The prefabricated sheet pile cell construction method, which makes pollution-free rapid execution possible in the fields of offshore civil works and waste disposal. Furthermore, the opportunity exists to extract the piles once the useful life of the structure is passed in a reversal of the installation process.Grand Piling refers to this as a sheet piling solution,for example NL-1N,NL-2N,NL-2U,NL-3,NL-3U,NL-5N.Among them are wide-flange steel sheet piles and weldable steel sheet piles, which are recent additions to the lineup.



  Dimensions Weight Per meter of wall
Types Thickness Width Height Per pile Per wall Modulus of Section Moment of Inertia
mm mm mm Kg/m Kg/m2 Cm3/m Cm4/m
NL-1N 4 250 35 10.4 41.6 26.8 64
5 250 36 12.9 51.6 33.3 80.8
NL-IN 5 245 36 12.7 51.8 32.7 78.8
NL-2N 4 250 36 11.8 47.2 48.6 85.1
5 250 37 14.8 59.2 59.7 107
NL-2U 4 333 50 14.2 42.6 115 404
5 333 51 17.9 53.7 144 510
NL-3 5 333 74 21.6 64.8 171 636
6 333 75 25.9 77.7 204 762
NL-3U 5 333 85 19.3 57.9 272 2000
6 333 87 23.3 69.9 330 2480
NL-5N 5 500 160 33.6 67.2 452 3620
6 500 161 40.4 80.8 540 4360
7 500 162 47.1 94.2 626 5080


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