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LSP Light steel sheet piles

All LSP sheet piles are most popular in Japan and Some Asia countries, especially for type LSP-1,LSP-2,LSP-2N,LSP-3A,LSP-3B,LSP-3C, LSP-3D,LSP-5 .If the resistance generated by these factors is sufficient to counteract the longitudinal shear force, the piles will develop full section modulus.Driving the sheet piles with an impact hammer places less load on the seals because the movement takes place in one direction only.LSP-1,LSP-2N,LSP-3A,were completely coated using the same paint and thickness.

However, it is advisable, in certain conditions, to connect together the inner and outer leaves of a wall by crimping or welding the common interlock to ensure that the necessary resistance to longitudinal shear is developed. The load on light sheet pile is greater because of the friction and the associated temperature rise.

All steel sheet pile painting works were carried out in the factory in China. The piles are prevented from penetrating to the design depth of embedment by rock or hard ground.During installation some paint discolouring and damage was noticed. he permeability of a sheet pile wall joint can be estimated using DIN EN 12063 appendix E. Therefore, Arcelor put an extra layer of Jotun PU coating on top of the original Jotamastic coat to make sure that the grey colour kept its final RAL code for the design length.The piles are supporting open water or very soft clays and silts. In the case of multiple piles, the interlocks are factory-welded, which means that only the remaining interlocks between groups of sheet piles have to be welded on site.

Rubber or plastic cords together with a caulking compound with swelling and setting properties can also be used.The light sheet pile interlocks have been lubricated.All deliveries for the project were carried out in March 2008.Sheet pile walls can also be sealed by hammering in wooden wedges, which then swell when in water. The piles are acting in cantilever.Extra clutches were sent along with the shipment to ensure that if any special corners were needed to be turned or obstacles caused a variation in the driving line then Geka Bouw BV was able to perform the onsite fabrication without any delays to the project timetable.Such joints must be cleaned and dried before welding.Such conditions arise when the interlocks achieves a completely watertight sheet pile wall for LSP-3B,LSP-3C, LSP-3D,LSP-5.


  Dimensions Weight Weight
Types Thickness Width Height Per pile Per wall Modulus of Section Moment of Inertia
mm mm mm Kg/m Kg/m2 Cm3/m Cm4/m
LSP-1 4   5   250   250  35   36  10.4   12..9 41.6   51.6  26.8   33.3 64.0   80.8
LSP-2 4   5 250   250 35   36 11.8   14.8 47.2   59.2 48.6   59.7 85.1   107
LSP-2N 5 250 43 14.8 59.2 96.5 246
LSP-3A 4   5 333   333 50   51 14.2   17.9  42.6   53.7 115   144 404   510
LSP-3B 5   6 333   333 74   75 21.6   25.9  64.8   77.7 171   204 636   762
LSP-3C 5    6 250   250 70   70  16.4   20.8 65.6   83.2 213   252 1060  1260
LSP-3D 5   6 333   333 85   87 19.3   23.3 57.9   69.9 272   330 2000  2480 
LSP-5 5   6   7 500   500   500 160  161  162 33.6  40.4  47.1 67.2  80.8  94.2 452   540  626 3620  4360  5080

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