Grand Steel Piling
/ St Peterburg Musuem, Russia

St Peterburg Musuem, Russia

1800 tons of GPU14-600 600x360x10 in S355 steel grade,all in 11.8m,container shipment .Soil conditions were very stiff to hard, bouldery clays with considerable buried debris from previous land reclamations. Sheet piling with modulus of section around 1400 was required.Major telecommunication, electrical, gas and water lines passed through the site. To negotiate the services, the sheet piles were combined with Universal Beam Posts and timber lagging to cater for the service lines. Sheet piles were interlocked with the I Beam straddling the service lines. The pipe clutch on the sheet piles provided a water tight seal for the entire depth of the 11m deep excavation.

Project Photos