Grand Steel Piling
/ Gas Natural, Colombia

Gas Natural, Colombia

The gas company is currently rehabilitating the gas lines, steel sheet piles have once again been chosen as a retaining wall. This project constitutes a good example of how steel sheet piles can contribute to cost-effective foundation solutions, and above all, to the preservation of the environment. Traditional Asia types IIW and IIIW are chosen for this gas natural projects. Its high stiffness allowed it to be driven with a vibratory hammer at least 1 m deeper than the pre-drilling, which guarantees sufficient embedment of the toe of the pile, and minimizes the deflections of the retaining wall.Total quantity is 2400 tons. The pre-drilling of a hole, followed by a granular fill, loosened the soil at the location of the sheet pile wall. Their excellent state of preservation will allow the contractor to reuse them as temporary retaining elements in future projects. 

Project Photos


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