Steel Sheet Pile Corrosion Protection

Uses and Applications: Bulkheads are excellent at protecting structures and property from marine tides, but what protects the steel bulkheads from corrosion? The protection is a proven coating that provides the corrosion prevention need to extend the steel sheet piles life so it can protect commercial and government property from marine damage and erosion.

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Steel sheet pile piling

Steel sheet pile construction to correctly select the “screen” piling method, piling machinery and water segment, so that after the board pile wall has enough rigidity and good waterproof role. And the sheet pile wall straight to meet the requirements of the foundation construction, the closure of the sheet pile wall also requires closure and closure.

This method is from the corner began by block plug, each piece of steel pile from the end of the fight to the end of the stop. Therefore, the pile driver walking route is short, the construction is simple, set up fast. However, due to single block into, easy to tilt to one side, the cumulative error is not easy to correct, the wall flatness difficult to control.

First set by the surveyor steel plate pile cofferdam axis, can be set at a certain distance from the guide pile, guide pile directly use steel sheet pile. And then lanyard as a wire, piling when using wire to control the axis of the steel sheet pile, in the case of high axial requirements, the use of guide frame.

Single pile by root continuous hit, pay attention to the pile top elevation should not be too much difference. In the process of plugging at any time to measure the slope of each pile is not more than 2%, when the skew is too large can not be used to adjust the way, pull up the re-hit.

Rational Analysis of Impervious Steel Sheet Pile Walls

Until recently no consistent methodology has been available for the assessment of the seepage resistance of steel sheet pile (SSP) walls. The lack of such a methodology can conceivably lead to uneconomic design, especially in cases where the seepage resiatance is substantially greater than specific design requires.

ProfilARBED, the world’s leading producer of sheet piles, has carried out an exhaustive research projects in collaboration with Delft Geotechnics. The aim of the project was to determine the rate of seepage through SSP walls for various joint filler materials, as well as for empty and welded joints.

Two key areas of research were addressed:

  • Setting up a consistent theoty to describe the leakage behaviour through individual joints.
  • In situ experimentation on SSP walls.

In this paper the research results are deployed to enable the practical designer to make a rational assessment of the rate of seepage for a specific case. A range of possibilities is discussed: highly permeability and completely impervious welded joints.

The cost involved in each case can be balanced against the seepage resistance requirements and the most appropriate solution will present itself on the basis of the analysis.

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PAZ Sheet Piling

Z type sheet piling has a large section modulus (W=1200~5015cm3/m) and is suitable for large, medium and small projects that bear relatively large earth (water) pressure. Based on the characteristics of steel sheet piling, two pieces are usually combined into one group for driving. Although its construction procedure is slightly longer and technical difficulty is higher, its overall construction efficiency is higher since the group composed of two pieces of piles may have a width of 1160~1400mm, nearly 2~3 times the width of single piece of U profile steel sheet pile; hence sheet piling catalog have been widely used for a lot of dock projects of China that has a requirement for land-based area. Normally, the construction method is “pile pitching through vibration, and then pile sinking through hammering”

The most essential mechanical property of steel sheet piling is the continuity of web and the symmetrical distribution of interlocks at specified positions at both sides of neutral axis, both have positive effect on section modulus of cold rolled steel sheet pile.

Z profile sheet piling has the following merits:

1) Flexible design and resultant relatively high section modulus and mass ratio;

2) Increase in moment inertia of section, improvement of bending rigidity of overall piling wall, and effective reduction of displacement deformation;

3) The use of high tensile steel remarkably improves the bending strength of sheet pile wall;

4)The increase in section width brings about the reduction of interlocks of sheet pile wall, which directly improves the water sealing performance of sheet pile wall.


Section Dimensions Mass Per metre of wall Coating area
Thick-ness System
Height Single
Wall Section
e b h
mm mm mm kg/m kg/m2 cm3 cm4 cm2 m2/m m2/m
PAZ 43 50 5.0 770 213 38.2 49.6 448 4 770 63.2 0.91 1.77
PAZ 43 60 6.0 770 214 45.8 59.4 534 5 720 75.7 0.91 1.77
PAZ 43 70 7.0 770 215 53.3 69.2 619 6 660 88.2 0.91 1.77
PAZ 44 50 5.0 725 269 37.7 52.0 612 8 240 66.2 0.91 1.77
PAZ 44 60 6.0 725 270 45.1 62.2 730 9 890 79.3 0.91 1.77
PAZ 44 70 7.0 725 271 52.4 72.3 846 11 535 92.1 0.91 1.77
PAZ 45 50 5.0 676 312 37.7 55.8 772 12 065 71.0 0.91 1.77
PAZ 45 60 6.0 676 313 45.1 66.7 922 14 444 85.0 0.91 1.77
PAZ 45 70 7.0 676 314 52.4 77.5 1 069 16 815 98.8 0.91 1.77
PAZ 46 50 5.0 621 347 37.7 60.7 940 16 318 77.3 0.91 1.77
PAZ 46 60 6.0 621 348 45.1 72.6 1 122 19 544 92.5 0.91 1.77
PAZ 46 70 7.0 621 349 52.4 84.4 1 302 22 756 107.5 0.91 1.77
PAZ 53 60 6.0 857 300 54.3 63.3 766 11 502 80.7 1.04 2.05
PAZ 53 70 7.0 857 301 63.2 73.7 888 13 376 93.9 1.04 2.05
PAZ 53 80 8.0 857 302 72.1 84.0 1009 15 249 107.1 1.04 2.05
PAZ 53 90 9.0 857 303 81.0 94.4 1131 17 123 120.3 1.04 2.05
PAZ 54 60 6.0 807 351 53.9 66.8 968 16 989 85.1 1.04 2.05
PAZ 54 70 7.0 807 352 62.6 77.6 1123 19 774 98.9 1.04 2.05
PAZ 54 80 8.0 807 353 71.4 88.4 1277 22 546 112.7 1.04 2.05
PAZ 54 90 9.0 807 354 80.2 99.3 1431 25 318 126.5 1.04 2.05
PAZ 54 100 10.0 808 355 89.2 110.3 1570 27 850 140.5 1.04 2.05
PAZ 55 60 6.0 743 407 53.9 72.5 1233 25 074 92.4 1.04 2.05
PAZ 55 70 7.0 743 408 62.6 84.3 1432 29 179 107.4 1.04 2.05
PAZ 55 80 8.0 744 409 71.4 96.0 1628 33 263 122.3 1.04 2.05
PAZ 55 90 9.0 744 410 80.2 107.8 1825 37 387 137.3 1.04 2.05
PAZ 55 100 10.0 745 411 89.2 119.8 2000 41 060 152.6 1.04 2.05
PAZ 56 60 6.0 671 451 53.9 80.3 1525 34 340 102.3 1.04 2.05
PAZ 56 70 7.0 671 452 62.6 93.3 1770 39 954 118.9 1.04 2.05
PAZ 56 80 8.0 672 453 71.4 106.3 2013 45 537 135.4 1.04 2.05
PAZ 56 90 9.0 672 454 80.2 119.3 2259 51 180 151.9 1.04 2.05
PAZ 56 100 10.0 673 455 89.2 132.5 2470 56 200 168.8 1.04 2.05

Z profile steel sheet piles

Z profile steel sheet piles are call Z because one single sheet pile stands like the letter. Cold formed sheet pile through a series of rollers, along the entire length of the profile gradually forming. Z-shaped steel sheet pile may be the thinnest thickness of only 3mm. 15 years ago, the cold-rolled steel sheet pile manufacturer only in Europe, and now most of the steel sheet pile is manufactured in China, especially in some large size. Like all other cold-rolled metal sheet pile, Z plate piles can be produced in any possible width, height, thickness, for example, steel sheet pile OZ, PAZ sheet piles, sheet piles all other specifications and dimensions and the like. The maximum thickness of cold-rolled steel sheet pile Z type is 16mm.

First to alert the steel sheet pile design and calculation, our factories can adjust process parameters depending on size and specifications, and calculate the total cost. In Asia, U-shaped steel sheet pile is still the most commonly used, is now the construction of the pier, deep foundations, seawalls, bulkheads are required ž size. Now, in Europe, especially Western Europe, steel sheet piling contractor like ž profile. HZ combined wall, OZ sheet piles and tubular composite wall in all Z-type products.

The advantages of our business

1. Excellent performance and high tensile strength. Interlocking away from the neutral axis, which is good for cold rolled interlock protection, higher strength and lower material weight-optimized profiles.

2. The ability to save steel in the economy. Compared with a U-shaped steel sheet pile, Z-shaped steel sheet pile always has a smaller weight, when part of the modulus are similar, we can produce a length up to 50 meters, and a thickness of up to 16mm, different width and height, with more than 200 kinds of steel sheet piles of different sizes.

3.Z sectional sheet pile driver is usually installed in welding or shrinkage double the width of which will give a larger system, compared to the U-shaped profile sheet piles which also means less handling and installation time. A small number per meter interlock is good water tightness.

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Steel sheet pile construction method classification

1. Use vibration pile hammer vibration;

2 using pile jacking machine jacking method;

3 auger jacking method;

4 piling method using a hammer

For hard base, water jetting method can be used.

1. Use vibration pile hammer vibration method

This is achieved by the vertical vibration generated by the vibration pile hammer steel sheet pile driven into the ground construction technology. Default striking force in the head, sheet piles will not be damaged, which helps high construction efficiency; this technology is suitable for both driving and extracting piles. However, the instantaneous electric current is very high vibration situations, and therefore large electrical equipment is required; if the hydraulic vibration, hydraulic machine is in most cases is a must.

Recently, the machine, according to bundle or in a small space for low noise, low vibration construction methods and construction services have been put into operation.

2 using pile jacking method pipe jacking machine

This is the drive for use in steel sheet pile reaction force through the middle portion of the clamp is a steel sheet pile construction technique by steel sheet pile into the ground.

Upper body is very compact machine for lower beam structure, but with additional steel piles need to lift crane.

The technology is applicable to soft ground, can achieve low noise and low vibration structure.

3 pipe jacking method, using an auger

With respect to the method of this structure, the steel sheet pile is pressed into during or after drilling using hydraulic machine; in technology this structure provides a penetration mechanism both an auger drilling bodies and sheet piles. Due to the use of the sleeve, a penetration achieved during the high rigidity, so this technique is suitable for hard base. In addition, this construction method, can achieve low noise, low vibration construction.

4 piling method using a hammer

This method of construction has a big hitting power, fluidity, high hit frequency and rich business; however, feasible pile hammer, must be chosen so as to prevent the pile head during the beating compression failure.

As well as regional designated area since the construction technique makes high noise and vibration, and its surrounding residential areas, schools, hospitals and other use is limited; therefore, it is rarely used in Docklands.

Hammers into diesel-powered hammers, hydraulic hammers, pneumatic hammers monkeys and so on.

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Steel sheet pile cofferdam material requirements

New steel sheet pile acceptance, should have a factory certificate, mechanical properties and size to meet the requirements. After the repair or welding of the steel sheet pile, the application of the same type of steel sheet pile for the lock through the test. Acceptance or refurbishment of steel sheet pile, should be classified, number, registration storage, lock mouth shall not be water. With a length of 1.5 ~ 2.0m meet the type, specifications of the steel sheet pile to do the standard, all the same type of steel sheet pile to do through the inspection. Check the winch or winch to pull the standard steel sheet pile from the pile head to the pile end.

Where the steel sheet pile is bent, broken, lock mouth should be refurbished, according to the specific circumstances were cold bending, hot knock, welding, riveting, cut or long. When the length of the sheet pile is not enough, the same type of steel sheet pile can be used for strength welding. When welding, the first welding or welding joints will be welded together. And then welding and hoarding, adjacent sheet pile joints should be staggered. If you need to have a pile hole and pull the pile hole, it should be a good hole before drilling, pull the pile hole should be welded to stiffen the board, so as not to pull the pile when the crack.

Inspection of Steel Sheet Pile in Excavation of Urban Main Road Support

Steel sheet pile material inspection and appearance inspection, welding steel sheet pile, still need to test the welding parts. The steel piles used in the temporary support structure of the foundation pit are mainly subjected to the appearance inspection, and the steel sheet piles which do not conform to the shape requirements are corrected to reduce the difficulties in the process of piling.

Appearance inspection: including surface defects, length, width, height, thickness, end rectangular ratio, flatness and lock shape and other items. Note in the inspection:

  1. Fittings that affect the impact of steel sheet piles should be cut off.
  2. Cut holes, cross-section defects should be reinforced.
  3. If the steel sheet has a serious corrosion, the actual section thickness should be measured in order to determine whether the calculation needs to be reduced. In principle, all steel piles should be inspected.

Material inspection: the steel sheet metal base material of the chemical composition and mechanical properties of a comprehensive test. It includes the chemical composition analysis of steel, the tensile, bending test of the component, the strength test of the lock and the elongation test. Each type of steel sheet pile is subjected to at least one tensile and bending test. Every 25 ~ 50t steel sheet pile should be carried out two test pieces.

Key points of construction of steel sheet pile cofferdam

The prison can be subsided in place, but also in the base of the pile will be the whole corner of the basin, plug the positioning pile and positioning pile after the construction of a stable platform. The first pile pile operation, and then siege inserted steel sheet pile.

In the cofferdam suction mud until the back cover before the process should check the cofferdam outside the river bed erosion, if necessary, should be rubbing stone protection.

In the cofferdam suction mud to the design of the back cover after the bottom elevation, the substrate should be flat, remove the floating mud, pouring underwater concrete at the back cover. To be required after the strength of the pumping, pouring cap.

Chinese Academy of Water Sciences Wang Hao academician to sea salt guide Huixiang steel sheet pile to promote the use of work

Recently, the Chinese Academy of Water Sciences Wang Hao academician of the Ministry of Water Resources Science and Technology Promotion Center, Zhejiang Water Resources Promotion Center, Zhejiang Water Resources Department flood control and materials procurement center and other relevant person in charge to Zhejiang Haiyan, to guide the high-strength steel sheet pile Promote the use of work.

Huixiang high-strength steel sheet pile is Haiyan Huixiang New Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and the Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Transport, National Energy Bureau and State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering, Shanghai Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Institute of Water Resources , To explore the study of China’s water conservancy construction of new technologies, new technology, new materials. November 2015, high-strength steel sheet pile access to the Ministry of Water Resources, “2016 annual water advanced technology extension certificate”, at the same time, plastic sheet pile products have been included in the national flood protection products directory.

Wang Hao academician and other experts to lead the salt, inspection and guidance of the company developed by the Department of mobile steel sheet pile flood control wall and the current rescue-type steel sheet pile flood control wall technology and installation applications. The steel plate pile has the functions of retaining soil, retaining water and anti-penetration. It is mainly used in flood control engineering and flood control emergency rescue. At the same time, it can solve the problem of small construction area, Among them, the mobile flood control wall, flood control height of up to 2 meters, the product made of polymer materials, lightweight materials, installation and storage is simple, it is understood that the cost is only one of the traditional “flood artifacts” one-fifth. The main application of the flood control emergency rescue, construction is simple, just the plate and steel pipe into the soil, to complete the installation of one meter piles, before and after less than 2 minutes, you can build a flood control flood wall. The two technologies have been fully affirmed by the Academician Wang Hao, he said: plastic sheet pile flood control wall all the small and lightweight components, easy to single handling; simple connection, easy to install quickly; good sealing, waterproof effect; For the load-bearing body, retaining height and other advantages, it is worth promoting the application.