What Are Differences Between Spiral Welded Pipe and Longitudinal Welded Pipe?

Differences between spiral welded steel pipe and longitudinal welded pipes are many to be found if you want to use one of them for your project. They are used for different occasions and situations. There are also many types products of steel pipes available that you should know how to choose and how to maintain. With the development of our technology and society, the pipes are already the most suitable material for water or drainage system. They are durable for use and stable even their are hot water or something flowing through.

Spiral pipes are specially treated. They have different advantages and strengths. It has metallurgical process for production of high quality pipeline capacity. For example, when the output of the gantry is equipped with a water cooling system to accelerate cooling, which allows the use of low-alloy components to achieve a particular strength level and low-temperature toughness, thereby improving the weldability of the steel. In the common sense, the coil alloy content is often lower than similar grade steel, which also improves the weldability of the spiral pipe.

Commonly, it is different in the properties of the two types of pipes. The welding process of spiral tube, straight seam steel pipe welding methods are varied from the previous process. So the probability of the presence of welding defects also greatly improved. The straight seam pipe will inevitably be a lot of T-weld. The T-shape weld welding residual stress and weld metal are often in a three-dimensional stress state. So, it can increase the possibility of cracks. For a better utilization, API steel pipe and other steel pipes are inclined to in larger diameter and higher strength. With the increase of pipe diameter, the working efficiency and steel grade increased. The test of spiral welded pipes and longitudinally welded pipes has been done that it indicates that the spiral welded pipe has a high impact toughness. When it comes the applications, the spiral welded pipes are popular.

Processing process of spiral welded steel pipe is strict as well as the test requirement. So no matter it is black steel pipe or API pies, quality and properties are all good. The suppliers and manufacturers are many to be found that if you want to buy one for your project, the size, pattern and shape should be known clearly.

(This article comes from Shanghai Xin Lin editor released)