Steel sheet pile piling

Steel sheet pile construction to correctly select the “screen” piling method, piling machinery and water segment, so that after the board pile wall has enough rigidity and good waterproof role. And the sheet pile wall straight to meet the requirements of the foundation construction, the closure of the sheet pile wall also requires closure and closure.

This method is from the corner began by block plug, each piece of steel pile from the end of the fight to the end of the stop. Therefore, the pile driver walking route is short, the construction is simple, set up fast. However, due to single block into, easy to tilt to one side, the cumulative error is not easy to correct, the wall flatness difficult to control.

First set by the surveyor steel plate pile cofferdam axis, can be set at a certain distance from the guide pile, guide pile directly use steel sheet pile. And then lanyard as a wire, piling when using wire to control the axis of the steel sheet pile, in the case of high axial requirements, the use of guide frame.

Single pile by root continuous hit, pay attention to the pile top elevation should not be too much difference. In the process of plugging at any time to measure the slope of each pile is not more than 2%, when the skew is too large can not be used to adjust the way, pull up the re-hit.