The characteristics of self drilling hollow bar

  1. The self drilling hollow bar of the alloy bit has strong penetrating power, under the action of rock drill, can easily penetrate all types of rock mass, and using the exhaust of the anchor head up thoroughly solve the problem above the horizon of the grouting exhaust.
  2. Anchor rod body with a continuous waveform thread, can cooperate to finish drilling bit.In the drilling, taking advantage of the rod body extension by using connection, can be used in narrow space construction.
  3. The hollow bolt body design makes it have the function of the grouting pipe, when the bolt body complete drilling without having to pull out, avoiding the traditional technology of grouting anchor when pull of slurry erosion problem.
  4. Highly efficient stop-grouting plug can realize pressure grouting,effectively filling the body breaking rock mass strikes and consolidation, making the grouting full, improving the project quality.In addition, the high strength plate and nut can transfer the deep surrounding rock stress evenly to the hole wall, and achieve the goal of mutual support of rock mass.
  5. Due to the effect of the auxiliary parts in neutral rod body good, anchor rod body can be completely package by mortar, to avoid the possibility of corrosion, achieve the goal of the long-term support.

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