Self Drilling Anchor Bar for Landslide


In the construction of Shanghai–Kunming railway rescue, self drilling anchor bar construction technology was used to reinforce the landslide. Self drilling anchor bar merges drilling, installing, grouting and anchoring into one. Self drilling anchor system is a carefully designed supporting system according to different fields, geological and usage conditions. It is reliable, efficient and convenient. This system can ensure the anchoring effect in a variety of complex formations.

Shanghai–Kunming railway had suffered a once-in-a-century flood impact. The debris caused by landslide on the left side of the railway rushed into the railway line, resulting in the derailment accident of K859 passenger train. The volume of landslide mass was about 8000m³.

In the rescue and reinforcement project, it was necessary to remove the landslide mass and use for hillside stabilization and railway slope stabilization.

As the upper strata was rhyolite weathered layer and the lower was mudstone weathered layer, and there was serious differential weathering between the same lithology in the slope. In the the strong rainfall, the groundwater infiltrated very fast in the differential weathering hard and soft interface, resulting in the groundwater enrichment zone in the contact zone of rhyolite and mudstone formation. The softening zone would be in soaking. If things go on like this, it would form a soft surface and cause landslide.

The practice result showed that self drilling anchor used for slope reinforcement of the landslide area has high construction efficiency, strong adaptability, high anchoring force and good anchoring effect.

(This article comes from Sinorock edit released)

Self-Drilling Anchor Bolt (R thread)

Self drilling anchor bolt combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together. It ensures the anchoring effect in complex ground conditions. It’s safe, reliable and efficient.


  1. R thread self drilling anchor bolt is suitable for broken rock, loose soil and conditions which are difficult to drill holes, such as fracture zones, decayed rock, gravel, sandy gravel, backfill ground.
  2. Used for permanent support for tunneling.
  3. In slope stabilization, rock bolts and soil nails can be used to maintain and strengthen soil and rock.
  4. Used for micro pile reinforcement. Micro pile can transmit structural load to foundation, and then limit the deformation of buildings.
  5. Drill bits can be used for differently according to the rock conditions.

(This article comes from Luoyang Sinorock editor released)