The use of seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe and other long strip just the biggest difference is that it is no seams around the steel pipe section is hollow. Due to the different cross-sectional shape, and often be classified as circular steel pipe and the opposite sex, from the actual use of efficiency, of course, or tube-type pipe is more common. Wonder what is the use of seamless steel pipe?

Speaking of the use of seamless steel pipe we are most familiar with it is natural gas, water and other daily use of fluid transport. In addition to these common and familiar natural gas and water transport, seamless steel pipe is also widely used in the transport of oil, gas and some solid materials. Seamless steel pipe to achieve the transport of convenience to facilitate people’s modern life, greatly reducing the transportation costs of natural resources.

Secondly, because the seamless steel pipe hollow, its quality is much lighter than the solid steel pipe, naturally more affordable. And thus plays an important structural member and a component role in the manufacture of a drill pipe, a bicycle frame such as an automobile drive shaft, an oil, or the like. But also reduce the unnecessary waste of resources, reducing the total weight of finished products.

In addition, seamless steel pipe is often used as raw materials for ring metal parts, not only save a lot of complex processes, but also greatly reduces the production process of steel loss, saving production costs. This processing principle is not difficult to understand, a bit similar to cut the spinach, a knife cut down can quickly get a ring small circle parts, the loss to a minimum.

Above are talking about the cross-section of the seamless steel pipe, this round seamless steel pipe is not perfect. It is relatively poor bending, can not afford a greater force. Therefore, in the use of agricultural machinery skeleton, furniture, etc. will be used for seamless steel pipe into a square or rectangular, to increase the compressive strength of seamless steel pipe.

Production methods and brief history of seamless pipes

Seamless pipes production methods are many. According to the delivery requirements, available hot-rolled (about 80 ~ 90%) or cold-rolled, cold drawn (about 10 ~ 20%) production methods. Hot-rolled tube blanks are round, square or polygonal ingot, billet or continuous casting tube, tube quality of pipe quality has a direct impact. Hot rolling tube has three basic processes: ① in the punching machine will be hollow or hollow billet into the hollow capillary; ② in the extension of the machine will be rolled thin tube, extending into the wall thickness of the finished product near the shortage; ③ rolling in the finishing mill Required Finished Tube. Pipe mill series to produce the maximum diameter of steel pipe to represent (see mill).

Seamless steel pipe production has nearly 100 years of history. German Mannesmann brothers in 1885 first invented the second roller skew rolling piercing machine, in 1891 and invention cycle rolling mill, in 1903 the Swiss Stiefel (RCStiefel) invented automatic pipe rolling machine (also known as the head rolling Pipe machine), and later appeared a continuous pipe rolling machine and pipe jacking machine and other extension machines, began to form a modern seamless steel pipe industry. 30 years of the 20th century as a result of the use of a three-roll tube machine, extruder, cycle cold-rolled tube machine to improve the quality of steel varieties. 60 years due to the improvement of continuous rolling machine, three-roll punching machine, especially the application of tension reducer and the success of continuous casting, to improve production efficiency and enhance the seamless tube and pipe competition ability. Seamless pipe and pipe are neck and neck in the 1970s, the world steel pipe production rate of more than 5% per year. China in 1953 after the emphasis on the development of seamless steel pipe industry, has initially formed a variety of rolling, medium and small pipe production system. Brass billets are generally also used to oblique rolling piercing, rolling mill rolling, coil drawing process.