Half – screw Pile and Its Pile Method

Involving semi – screw pile and its pile method. Half screw pile, composed of two parts, the upper part of the linear structure, the lower part of the screw-type structure. The pile can be divided into two types of cast-in-place and prefabricated, whether it is cast-type, or prefabricated, piling methods are relatively simple. The invention has the advantages of no noise pollution, no vibration pollution and convenient construction prospect, and the pile has the following advantages: satisfying the characteristics of the stress in the upper part of the pile and improving the bearing capacity; the amount of the concrete is lower than that of the pile Other concrete piles, can save more than 30% of the cost.

Screw-pile lighthouse

A screw-pile lighthouse is a lighthouse which stands on piles that are screwed into sandy or muddy sea or river bottoms. The first screw-pile lighthouse to begin construction was built by blind Irish engineer Alexander Mitchell. Construction began in 1838 at the mouth of the Thames and was known as the Maplin Sands lighthouse, and first lit in 1841. However, though its construction began later, the Wyre Light in Fleetwood, Lancashire, was the first to be lit (in 1840).

In the United States, several screw-pile lighthouses were constructed in the Chesapeake Bay due to its estuarial soft bottom. North Carolina’s sounds and river entrances were also once home to many screw-pile lights. The characteristic design is a  1 1⁄2-storey hexagonal wooden building with dormers and a cupola light room.

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What is a high-strength composite screw pile foundation (CFG pile)?

Brief introduction of high strength composite foundation of screw pile (CFG pile)

The screw pile composite foundation is the pile body composite foundation with different length of pile body. In order to utilize the bearing capacity of the pile in composite foundation more effectively, the pile body of different length can be used in the composite foundation of pile to adapt to the additional stress by the action of the load, the additional stress in the foundation decreases with the increase of the depth. Top-down feature.

A certain combination of forms, the soil between the pile, cushion layer together to form a composite foundation, share a part of the axial load and horizontal load, the coordination of deformation.

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