What are the uses of precision tubes?

At present, the market in the steel type ten minutes, each kind of steel has a different application areas, in the field of mechanical parts and the like, the precision tube is essential steel. The precision tube is a high precision, high brightness seamless steel pipe produced by cold drawing or cold rolling process. Its internal and external diameter can be accurate to within 0.2mm, to ensure that the bending, torsion strength of the same, the lighter weight, it is widely used in the manufacture of precision machinery parts and engineering structure. Today to introduce the use of precision tube.

  1. Precision tubes for automobile manufacturing, precision tubes for auto parts, precision tubes for precision equipment, precision tubes for boiler equipment.
  2. Motor shell with precision tube, motor shell, DC motor tube.
  3. Industrial processing categories: precision machinery for machinery manufacturing, machine tool processing with precision pipe, pipe fittings with precision pipe, processing machinery parts, and so on.
  4. High pressure tubing, hydraulic cylinder, cylinder.
  5. Other: electrical gas transmission, water power pipes and so on.