PVC-O large diameter pipes market demand

PVC-O pipe appeared in the 20th century, 80 years, its technology since then began to form, creating a global demand. It is estimated that in 2006 North American PVC-O pipe production capacity of 9,000 tons. Over the same period in Europe, PVC-O pipeline production capacity of about 14,000 tons. On a global basis, PVC-O pipe production capacity of about 38,000 tons.

PVC-O pipeline in the market after the introduction of 25 years of functional evolution to promote capacity compared to 2006 rose nearly 10 million tons / year. According to the budget, 2014 North American PVC-O pipeline capacity of 21,000 tons; in Europe, 2014 PVC-O large diameter pipes production in 2006 rose 242.8%, up to 34,000 tons, 17,000 tons produced in Molecor, other 14,000 tons by Molecor Authorized supply.

The evolution of the processing technology increases the pipe diameter. 630mm of the constraints have been broken, because the diameter of 800mm PVC-O pipe is now there will be introduced in the future will be 1000mm diameter of the goods.

PVC-O as a new type of pipe, with good function, low cost, light pipe quality, transfer and laying simple and so on, super function to enable it to apply to higher pressure and more harsh environment. The decline in the cost of goods together to improve its function is that we have been seeking but not simply complete the subject. The biaxially oriented PVC pipe not only provides a model for this subject, but also laid the foundation for the future development of a new commodity.