HZ 575 A, HZ 575 B, HZ 575 C, HZ 575 D, HZ king piles


HZ king pile value of the maximum allowable plastic moment AZ 13 or AZ 13 10/10 or AZ 18.; PL is automatically calculated by the program using the following formula: Design penetration of the piling is based on a factor of safety for HZ 575 A stability applied to soil strengths. We can look at the joint slippage by following these steps. Right click on the wall and select Show Values → Joint Shear Displacement. PL is -12 used in the diagram of the moment to help the user to check if the maximum design moment is reached or not. To avoid compounding factors of safety, the HZ 575 B sheet piling and wales are designed to resist forces produced by soil pressures calculated using a factor of safety of 1 for both active and passive pressures.See Figure 4.9 for the definition of the other HZ king piles parameters. Moment-Curvature Diagram (M-N-Kappa) window for a plastic sheet piling calculation (2 branches)To remedy this, right click on the -14 wall and click Select Support Layer. Click under the Joint heading and select ‘negative side: Joint 1’. Name. The HZ 575 A and HZ 575 B name of the section can be changed in -12 and -14 here if desired. Section bottom level. Consequently, the analyses for soil pressures and system stability must be repeated with full soil strength properties including consideration of usual, unusual, and extreme loading conditions. kmod is the modification factor, γM is the material factor, fMmax is the reduction factor applied to the maximum moment. The limit value M design; You will see values only at the very bottom of the HZ 575 C wall. This suggests that we are seeing the slip on the left side of the wall rather than on the right.

Enter the combined walls co-ordinate of the bottom of the AZ 18 10/10,AZ 26, AZ 26+0.5, in relation to the reference level. Note: Sheet piling length may not be larger than 100 m. Thickness The thickness of the sheet piling profile, i.e. the height of the crosssection. Elastic stiffness EI Enter the flexural elastic stiffness of the section, called EIelastic.

The sizes of the sheet piling and wales are RZD 16, RZU 16,RZD 18 determined from the net pressure distributions, depth of penetration, and assumed structural supports as illustrated. Symmetric Mark this option in case of a -24 symmetric moment-curvature diagram.m a. Cantilever wall. Bending moments and HZ 575 D shears are calculated under the assumption that the wall is a cantilever beam fixed at the bottom of the wall. Use several sections if the bending stiffness varies along the vertical axis of the sheet piling. Click OK. You will now see the shear displacement between the joint and the soil to the right of the wall.

Anchored wall. (1) Structural analysis. Bending moments, shears, and anchor force are calculated under the assumption that the wall is a beam with simple supports at the anchor elevation and at the bottom of the wall. Enter the plastic moment of the positive part of the moment-curvature diagram (in compression), called Mpl. Finally, we can look at the HZ 575 C, or HZ 575 D in the -24 or -26 sheet pile RZU 18,RH 16, RH 20 wall. Right click on the wall and select Show Values → Bending Moment. You can see a maximum moment of ~64 kNm. Young’s Modulus E and moment of inertia I) per running meter if it has not already been imported from a library.

Plastic moment positive With the bottom of the combined wall at the penetration consistent with a factor of safety of 1, the -26 lateral reaction at the bottom support will be zero and the lateral reaction at the upper support will be the horizontal component of the anchor force.

Advantages and disadvantages of king pile wall

King pile wall advantages

  • Increased wall stiffness
  • Increased wall moment resistance
  • Sheet piles can be terminated at higher elevations
  • King piles can extend deeper to better bearing strata
  • Might offer a better alternative to other systems
  • Ideal for heavy marine applications

King pile wall disadvantages

  • Increased cost when compared to standard sheet piles
  • Installation more complex compared to sheet piles
  • Greater coating surface when compared to sheet piles

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