Application of hot-rolled steel sheet pile in China

In the late 1950s in Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge construction, the Ministry of Railways Bridge Bureau from the former Soviet Union, China’s first U-shaped steel sheet pile in the pier cofferdam water construction. After several decades, the constraints of economic strength, coupled with domestic production equipment and rolling technology does not have, while limited to the lack of construction machinery and construction technology and other factors behind the application of hot-rolled steel sheet pile has been in a stagnant state. Today, Larsen steel sheet pile manufacturers to talk with you about the application of hot-rolled steel sheet pile technology in China’s development.

The end of the 20th century, a steel company with the introduction of universal rolling mill production line conditions and equipment, production of a width of 400mm SLU5-1 steel sheet pile 5000 tons, and successfully used in Nen River Bridge cofferdam, Jingjiang New Century Shipyard 300,000 tons dock and Bangladesh flood control project and other projects. However, due to low production efficiency during the trial production, poor economic returns, less domestic demand and lack of technical experience and other reasons, failed to continue production. According to statistics, China’s annual consumption of steel sheet pile remained at 3 million tons, accounting for only 1 %% of the world, and limited to a number of ports, terminals, shipyards and other permanent construction and construction of cofferdam, foundation pit support And other temporary works.

In recent years, with China’s rapid economic development, all kinds of new, efficient and environmentally friendly construction technology and materials to gradually promote the application. Because of its high strength and lightness, good water stop, strong durability, high construction efficiency and small occupation, the steel sheet pile solves the construction problems of some large-scale construction projects in China. Such as Shanghai Changxing Island shipbuilding base of a project, Tangshan Caofeidian Coal Terminal and other major projects for the steel sheet pile provides a place to play, steel sheet pile construction method to obtain the practice stage, the amount of these projects one-time sheet pile amounted to 10,000 tons, Good economic and social benefits.

In addition, temporary applications such as foundation pit protection, retaining cofferdam, wharf construction and other projects have also been tried, such as the Pudong International Airport Phase II project, the Shanghai World Expo Park project, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Wenzhou Railway and other projects , Temporary use of steel sheet pile is also larger. Steel sheet pile construction played an important role, to better meet the economic construction of China’s scientific and technological innovation, environmental protection and sustainable development needs.

But on the whole, China’s steel sheet pile technology is still in its infancy, the current annual consumption of 30,000 tons of steel sheet pile, and China’s total global steel consumption accounted for one-third of the total disproportionate position, and the developed countries still exist A great gap, and thus the production and application of hot-rolled sheet piles still have a long way to go.