What is ERW steel pipe and SAW steel pipe

ERW steel pipe

ERW steel pipe is a kind of resistance welded steel pipe, high frequency resistance welding (Electric Resistance Welding, abbreviation

For ERW) ERW is the corresponding English word first letter. Resistance welded steel pipe is divided into AC welded steel pipe and DC welded steel pipe twoforms.

AC welding in accordance with the frequency is divided into low frequency welding, intermediate frequency welding, ultra-IF welding and high frequency welding. High-frequency welding is mainly used for thin-walled steel pipe.

Or ordinary wall thickness of the production, high frequency welding is divided into contact welding and induction welding.

DC welding is generally used for small diameter steel pipe.

Therefore, in general, high-frequency welded pipe is included in the ERW pipe, is a high-frequency welding process to produce an ERW pipe. ERW Longitudinal Welded Pipes (ERW) are the most advanced and economical steel pipes in the field of oil and gas storage and transportation.

SAW steel pipe

SAW steel pipe SAW full name Submerged Arc Welding Steel Pipe It is a submerged arc welding process using steel pipe, the process produces a very high current density, the flux layer to prevent the rapid loss of heat, and its focus on Welding area. Submerged arc welding is widely used in the manufacture of pressure vessels, pipe fittings, beam and column, low pressure fluid, steel structure engineering, with high quality, high production efficiency, no arc and dust.

SAW steel pipe main products are LSAW steel pipe Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welding Steel Pipe straight seam double-sided submerged arc welded steel pipe, which is the use of submerged arc welding technology to produce straight seam steel pipe.