Experimental study on uplift resistance of earth anchor piles for oil work-over rig derrick

The earth anchor pile is the most important part to fix the derrick on the oil work-over rig,which is connected with steel wire ropes during the work-over operation. Its bearing capacity concerns the safety of workers and work-over equipment. The oil pipes are ordinarily made into the anchor piles. The main part of the pile’s ultimate bearing capacity is pile side friction. To ensure the fixing quality of the whole derrick,the anchor piles must have great bearing capacity. The experiments on anchor piles in different soil conditions are done by using the methods of vibration and mechanical impedance test. After calculating the piles’ mechanical impedance and dynamic stiffness,the results of relations between the bearing capacities of anchor piles and soil conditions are got. The greatest bearing capacity of anchor pile is in clay soil,then in sandy soil,and the least is in low-lying wetland and construction backfill soil. It explains the mechanism of soil-pile interaction and the nonlinear law of pile side friction. The direct pile pulling method is used,which verifies the validity and accuracy of the mechanical impedance test,and is worth popularizing in the type of uniform section piles research. It can provide a help to prevent the anchor piles from being pulled out the earth during the oil tubes moving up and down,and ensure the safety operation.

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Earth Anchor Auger

Earth anchor auger is designed to secure shelters, canopies, garages, trees,trellis etc into ground solidly. It’s made of heavy duty steel, and finished with powder coating or hot dip galvanized treatment. So earth anchor is featured at anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

It’s easy to install: earth anchor could be installed manually through eye ring or by machine. Earth anchor auger is made of steel rod,eyelet and helix plate. Helix is used to screw into ground and eyelet is used to tie off the objects. For difference usage, earth anchor auger has different sizes, hence the rod diameter, rod length, helix plate diameter, helix plate quantity can also change.

Strength of earth anchor auger

Holding strength is according to soil condition, earth anchor length, helix quantity, and helix diameter. The bigger, the stronger. The length of rod ranges from 12″ to 48″ and helix diameter varies from 3/8″ to 5/8″.

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