Advantage of PVC Sheet Piles

Advantage of PVC Sheet Piles

  • Does not rot or rust
  • Long service live
  • Manufactured from recycled plastic
  • Maintains its original appearance over time
  • Resistant to the majority of chemicals
  • Resistant to rodent and marine borer attack
  • Not affected by salt water
  • Maintenance free
  • Light weight, easy handling
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Easy to cut and bore
  • Reduced impact on natural resources

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PURLoc™ is a structural fiberglass composite sheet pile manufactured by the pultrusion process and is designed to be able to weather the harsh marine environment. Many traditional methods of building seawalls from wood, steel, and even concrete simply cannot hold up over time. Marine borers attack and eat the wood, steel will rust and corrode, and concrete will deteriorate over time as the rebar starts to corrode. Strict environmental laws have prohibited the use of chemically treated wood and other solvent based paints or coatings. The shortened life cycle of traditional materials has increased the costs for maintenance and replacement. PURLoc™ sheet pile does not leach any chemicals making it environmentally safe. PURLoc™ is a cost effective and a long term solution to any waterfront project.

PURLoc™ is the first composite sheet pile to use a special patented urethane injection box. What makes the injection design significant is that it permits resin to be injected through the most dense layers of roving and fabrics. Other injection systems cannot penetrate these reinforcement packages and therefore do not achieve the wet-out necessary to meet the mechanical properties desired. In addition to working with traditional thermoset resins, it works best with the pure polyurethane family of resins where glass contents are much higher at 76 to 80 percent. Traditional injection systems cannot possibly inject through this high percentage of dense rovings and mats. This allows the PURLoc™ system to have properties that are 30% stronger than any other FRP sheet pile on the market. The PURLoc™ line of sheet pile uses a proprietary non-hybrid Polyurethane resin system that is exclusive to Gulf Synthetics.

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Advantages of plastic sheet piles

Advantages of plastic sheet piles:

Excellent chemical resistance.

Good Fatigue & Wear Resistance.

Resists organic solvents, degreasing agents & electrolytic attack.

USDA & FDA Certified for food processing.

Great cutting board material.

Easy to weld using thermoplastic welding equipment.

Low moisture absorption.

Excellent surface for food preparation.

Good chemical resistance.

Low cost.

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FRP sheet pile

Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products have been used in many areas, FRP threaded bars, FRP rebar, FRP pipe, FRP fully threaded tie rod, FRP waler etc. Fiberglass composite sheet piles are produced by the pultrusion process and designed for the harsh marine environment. FRP sheet pile can replace steel sheet piles perfectly, even in harshest conditions, like super long length, very heavy top load, contaminated soils. Project owners choose FRP sheet piles instead of steel sheet piling due to its structural integrity. Heavyweight Fiberglass sheet piles present a huge opportunity to make a project cost less, last long and create a lower environmental impact than steel. Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) sheet piles have been used widely for retaining walls, seawalls, cut-off wall projects, containment and cofferdams. Fiberglass reinforced polymer sheet piles have many advantages compared with traditional steel sheet piles, concrete sheet piles, wood sheet piles.

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Construction of Steel Plate Pile Cofferdam

Steel plate pile cofferdam construction and removal of a high degree of mechanization, steel sheet pile recovery up to 70%, vertical slope, section small, small footprint, safe and reliable. Steel plate pile lattice cofferdam construction process: positioning, modeling mold pillars, mold in place, install and hold steel sheet pile, install the purlin and rod, remove the pillars and mold, fill the gravel material to the design height.

Demolition of Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam. After the completion of the project, the foundation pit water to make the cofferdam on both sides of the water level balance, cofferdam gravel material layer excavation, removal of steel rod and purlin, with vibration hammer to remove steel sheet pile.

FRP Sheet Pile Advantages

  1. Fiberglass sheet piling are non-corrosive, the service life of FRP products exceeds most products. With the current abnormal pH level, steel rust too quickly.
  2. Fibre Reinforced Polymer sheet piles have similar structural integrity to steel, which means tie back system can be used with FRP sheet piles.
  3. The installation of composite sheet piles are same with sheet piles, no extra equipments are needed.
  4. More affordable: FRP materials have been recognized for their light weight and strong strength, which offers a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Lower weight means the costs of handling, labor, transpirations use less equipment and manpower, thus saving costs.
  5. Nowadays FRP sheet piling systems are already available on the market, like FRP caps, FRP pipes, FRP tie rods, FRP anchoring.FRP sheet pile itself also have box profile, Z profiles etc.

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Fiberglass Sheet Piles Information

Fiberglass composite piles include round/octagonal pipes and sheet piles. Round/octagonal pipes general diameters are from 8” to 14”, the length can be 4ft~20ft even 30ft.

Traditional pile materials are steel and aluminum. Fiberglass sheet piles have advantages of resistant to insect, corrosion, light weight, fast transportation and easy installation, weatherproof, etc and it can last many years, so it is very cost effective in the long run.

There are three types of composite sheet piles, light piles, heavy duty sheet piles and super heavy duty piles. The length, width, wall thickness and materials will decide the strength of sheet pile. Common shapes of sheet piles are Z-pile and box pile.

Manufactures use polyester resin and vinyl ester resin when producing fiberglass pultruded sheet piles. In the pultruded sheet pile installation, besides sheet piles, accessories such as caps, wales, tie backs are necessary.

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Installation Measures for Construction Guide of Steel Sheet Pile

Guide frame is usually composed of guide beam and purlin piles and other components, the form in the plane with single and double-sided points in the height of a single layer and double layer of the points. Commonly used is a single-sided double-sided guide.

The position of the guide frame can not be collided with the steel sheet pile. The purlin piles can not sink or deform with the steel sheet pile. The height of the guide frame should be suitable, it is necessary to control the construction height of the steel sheet pile and improve the efficiency.

Advantages of U-shaped sheet piles

Excellent performance and low price. Compared with other concrete piles, U-shaped plate pile while maintaining the same width, the consumption of materials is relatively small. For example, under the condition of large-scale use of prefabricated reinforced concrete piles, U-shaped steel piles more material, while the use of prestressed concrete structure, U-shaped steel sheet pile structure has obvious advantages. In addition, U-shaped piles after the completion of the design, according to the design requirements and production orders for reasonable adjustment and installation, with a wide range of geological applications. According to geological conditions and static pressure, and then easy to control the formation of pile construction quality, to ensure that the U-shaped pile combination and shape symmetry.

Good mechanical performance. U-shaped plate pile and other cross-section piles under the same cross-sectional conditions, U-shaped steel plate inertia relative to ordinary rectangular steel sheet pile bending moment greatly increased, so the improvement of bending shear performance, with relatively excellent mechanical properties. At the same time, because the ordinary sheet pile can not meet the larger mud height required space, will be around the high voltage wire or other facilities location restrictions, piling will be difficult to achieve, easy to cause structural damage.

The construction technology of water dike is low. U-type sheet pile in the construction of the various stages of the engineering design and construction requirements are not high, if the process control is not good or does not meet the construction requirements, easy to cause damage to the pile. However, due to the U-shaped piles of prestressed pipe piles, the dam construction process requirements are relatively low, easy to build and implement.