U type sheet pile and its size calculation

U type pile is a new type of application support structure which has just started in recent years. Because U type cross-section of the structural design, not only can save material, but also to ensure its adequate bending performance and shear strength. However, due to the cross-sectional thickness of the pile structure is small, there is no connection between the pile and other issues, if you need to enter the pile will take a long construction time. At the same time, in the process of calculating the geometrical size of U type piles, it is necessary to select and design the pile type reasonably, and combine the actual situation of water dike project according to the size of supporting pile. Not only to meet the support requirements, but also give full play to its sealing effect, to achieve the sheet pile as a block pile type design effect, and maximize the U type piles used in water conservancy projects in the advantages. At the same time, the connection between the U type sheet pile and the pile needs to be sealed. In addition, if the mechanical calculation method according to the structure and bearing capacity, the bearing capacity calculation process is complex, the equivalent method required by the cross-sectional form rule. As the U type support pile is mainly subjected to the horizontal earth pressure and the opposite direction of the ring beam transfer, the U type pile will be subjected to bidirectional bending and shearing. From the analysis of the principle, the equivalent cross section of the U type plate pile should choose reasonable symmetrical cross section, and then ensure the application effect of U type plate pile in water dike.

Benefits of Standard Trench Sheet

Benefits of Standard Trench Sheet

  • Range of light and heavier sections, ideal for most general situations.
  • Interlocking and high yield sections for more demanding applications.
  • Handling and installation accessories available. Hot rolled sheet piles sections are also available
  • Lightweight, steel profile
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Available in lengths from 2m
  • Ideal for use with waler rails and braces

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Characteristics of back bolt type without keel dry anchoring system

The use of rain curtain principle: “multi-cavity decompression, isobaric waterproof, decompression and elimination.” With ventilation function, insulation, sound insulation, energy saving and environmental protection. According to the experts pointed out: horizontal seam open – 5.1% into the ventilation chamber, only 0.3% of the rain reaches the insulation layer; all slit open – 16.6% into the ventilation chamber, only 0.4% of the rain reaches the insulation layer; system drying time – There is light 24 hours dry.

L-type plug using the principle of planting bars and wall connection, but also to the insulation layer to play a reinforcement role.

Back bolt type anchor special self-test function, at the same time can be applied in the thin decorative panels, but also reduce the load on the wall.

To avoid the traditional keel frame shape, greatly reducing the cost, while the construction speed for the traditional 2 to 3 times.

System structure is simple, decorative panel removable replacement, low maintenance costs.

Application of back – bolt type without keel plate dry – hanging anchoring system

Back bolt type without keel Porcelain plate dry anchoring system applied chemical bonding (planting bar) principle and back bolt principle, developed a new technology without keel. The use of back bolt type of anchor, the development of the anchor, embedded in the decorative panels, the screw into the bottom of the expansion, and the unique drill in the back of the decorative panel of the extension of the hole to form a stress-free fastening mode.

The use of expansion bolts in conventional processes can only be used in the compression zone of concrete and can not be used in the cracking zone. It is difficult to determine whether the facade of a building surface is a compression zone or a cracked area. It is limited in construction and is generally not suitable for permanent construction. The use of expansion bolts if not long stainless steel may be corroded, resulting in expansion bolts loose, or even fall off. Friction type expansion bolt safety is poor, in the repeated winds easily loose. There are also embedded parts in concrete. The shortcomings of embedded parts is trouble, requiring the design position of the deviation within ± 10mm, so there is a certain degree of difficulty. The anchorage is the use of structural adhesive to bond steel and concrete, the use of colloid adhesion to form surface-surface contact with the full length of the anchor, the substrate without extrusion pressure, can be used in the concrete crack area. Chemical anchors are composed of chemical agents (resin anchors) and metal rods. Pull strength, anti-vibration, anti-fatigue, no shrinkage, anti-aging, fast carrying, easy installation, low cost, and concrete wall is commonly used in connection with the base.

How to Choose Piling Equipment for Steel Sheet Pile Construction

The smooth progress of the construction of the sheet pile is largely determined by the choice of construction machinery. When deciding which machinery to use, consider the following conditions:

Project size: the number of steel sheet pile, size, shape, in particular, to consider the weight and length of steel sheet pile, often these two factors are the main.

Soil conditions: to be combined with the soil conditions, in order to facilitate the steel pile hit or pull out.

Operational capability: to meet the requirements of the progress of the project.

Operating environment: the choice of machinery to meet the noise, vibration and other pollution control requirements, combined with on-site conditions such as traffic conditions terrain, scaffold and so on. Taking into account the above conditions, so that the selected machinery is economical, safe and can ensure the construction efficiency.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spiral Submerged Arc Welded

Spiral submerged arc welded pipe seam was spiral distribution, weld length, especially in the dynamic conditions of welding, the weld was too late to leave the molding point, easy to produce hot welding cracks. The direction of the crack and the weld parallel, and the steel pipe axis into a certain angle, usually between 30-70 °. This angle is just consistent with the shear failure angle, so its bending, tensile, compression and torsional performance is far less than straight seam submerged arc welded pipe. At the same time due to welding position restrictions, the resulting saddle-shaped and fish-shaped welds affect the appearance. In addition, during the construction process, the spiral welded pipe at the node of the intersecting line welds split the spiral joints, resulting in a larger welding stress, thus greatly weakening the safety performance of components. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the weld seam weld seam nondestructive testing efforts to ensure the quality of welding, or in the case of important steel structure should not use spiral submerged arc welded pipe.

The use of seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe and other long strip just the biggest difference is that it is no seams around the steel pipe section is hollow. Due to the different cross-sectional shape, and often be classified as circular steel pipe and the opposite sex, from the actual use of efficiency, of course, or tube-type pipe is more common. Wonder what is the use of seamless steel pipe?

Speaking of the use of seamless steel pipe we are most familiar with it is natural gas, water and other daily use of fluid transport. In addition to these common and familiar natural gas and water transport, seamless steel pipe is also widely used in the transport of oil, gas and some solid materials. Seamless steel pipe to achieve the transport of convenience to facilitate people’s modern life, greatly reducing the transportation costs of natural resources.

Secondly, because the seamless steel pipe hollow, its quality is much lighter than the solid steel pipe, naturally more affordable. And thus plays an important structural member and a component role in the manufacture of a drill pipe, a bicycle frame such as an automobile drive shaft, an oil, or the like. But also reduce the unnecessary waste of resources, reducing the total weight of finished products.

In addition, seamless steel pipe is often used as raw materials for ring metal parts, not only save a lot of complex processes, but also greatly reduces the production process of steel loss, saving production costs. This processing principle is not difficult to understand, a bit similar to cut the spinach, a knife cut down can quickly get a ring small circle parts, the loss to a minimum.

Above are talking about the cross-section of the seamless steel pipe, this round seamless steel pipe is not perfect. It is relatively poor bending, can not afford a greater force. Therefore, in the use of agricultural machinery skeleton, furniture, etc. will be used for seamless steel pipe into a square or rectangular, to increase the compressive strength of seamless steel pipe.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Welded Steel Pipe

Welded steel pipe is a continuous online production, the thicker the wall, the greater the unit and the investment in welding equipment, it is more economical and practical. The thinner the wall thickness, its input-output ratio will be a corresponding decline. The process of the product to determine its advantages and disadvantages, the general welding steel pipe with high precision, uniform wall thickness, tube inside and outside the table high brightness (steel plate surface grade steel pipe surface brightness), can be any length. Therefore, it is in the high-precision, low-pressure fluid applications reflects its economy and aesthetics.

Welding steel pipe production process is simple, high production efficiency, low cost, rapid development. The strength of the spiral welded pipe is generally higher than that of the straight seam welded pipe, and the pipe with larger diameter can be produced with the narrow billet. The pipe with different diameter can also be produced with the same width. However, compared with the same length of the straight pipe, the weld length increased by 30 to 100%, and the production rate is low. Therefore, the smaller diameter of the pipe are mostly used straight seam welding, large diameter welded pipe are mostly used spiral welding.

How can I safely use pipe gas?

Pipeline gas relative to the traditional liquefied gas is both convenient and economical, but the safe use can not be ignored, the recent gas safety accidents around the frequent, in this way to share the safety of pipeline gas use common sense.

Normal pipe gas flame color is light blue, if it is yellow or red, may be stove pipe is poor, or pipe network pressure is too low. At this time you can call the service hotline for advice and repair.

It is strictly forbidden to seal the various vents of the kitchen and keep the indoor and outdoor ventilation so that even if the indoor gas leaks, it can spread as soon as possible to the outside and reduce the risk of deflagration.

Always pay attention to check the connection between the stove and the pipe hose, to prevent aging leakage, usually should be replaced once a year.

Stove hit the fire, or use the fire when the fire or intermittent and so on and other symptoms, should be stopped in time to use, make stove after-sales service, timely maintenance.

Actively cooperate with the gas company for security checks, usually the gas company every two years will organize a comprehensive indoor gas safety inspection. Once at home smell the rotten eggs, the smell of gas leaks, should avoid the fire, the timely closure of the power gate, window ventilation, went to the open air to call the phone alarm and reported after-sales service.

Without the relevant permission and professional advice, is strictly prohibited unauthorized access to various types of gas.

Cooking and cooking time, the stove should not leave, do a good job should be closed after the stove and the valve, stove should choose a stove with a flame protection device.

It is strictly forbidden to hang things on the gas pipe, drying clothes, or wrapped in gas piping with something. If the home decoration is any change or influence to the pipeline, the gas company should be consulted in time.

Application Advantages of U Type Sheet Piling

U-shaped piles of large cross-section, excellent performance, the revetment of a molding, construction fast, high quality molding. And not affected by the flood season and the construction of the rainy season, greatly improving the efficiency of the river bank revetment. At the same time, U-shaped sheet piling with prestressed high-strength reinforced concrete, compared to traditional river maintenance materials with energy-saving advantages, late maintenance costs are lower.

In addition, U-shaped plate pile “channel combined” transformation can be applied in farmland transformation. Traditional channels and the form of a waste of a lot of land, with U-shaped piles and cover the combination of the floor, the formation of “channel combined” effect, can greatly save agricultural land.