What is Z-type steel piles?

Z-type steel sheet pile in the neutral axis of the symmetrical distribution on both sides, coupled with the continuity of the web, so that the steel sheet pile section modulus to a large extent has been improved. Thus ensuring the mechanical properties of the cross section to be fully exploited.

  1.  The width of the section is large and the effect of the pile is significant.
  2. Section modulus is large.
  3. The moment of inertia is higher, the stiffness of the steel sheet pile wall is strengthened, and the deformation of the structure is reduced.
  4. Excellent corrosion resistance.

U-sheet pile, water works good partners

In recent years, China’s marine engineering, river regulation, reclamation and siltation, foundation pit support and other projects demand rapid growth, the Twelfth Five-Year Plan also proposed to strengthen water conservancy infrastructure construction, and actively carry out important tributaries, lakes and small and medium rivers , To enhance water supply and flood control capacity. However, in the marine engineering and water conservancy projects in the traditional use of the traditional masonry masonry method, part of the use of ordinary concrete plate pile and steel sheet pile project also has high cost, poor performance and other shortcomings, the lack of a better bank material Economic choice.

The pre-tensioned U-shaped prestressed concrete sheet pile adopts the “U” deformation cross-section structure design, increases the section height, increases the cross-section resistance bending moment, but also increases the section width, has good bending resistance, Widely used in marine engineering, river and lake flood control and disaster mitigation, remediation and reinforcement, irrigation and water conservancy construction, roadbed slope protection and other projects in the field of construction. Prestressed U-shaped concrete sheet pile has many advantages, such as good flexural and shear resistance, convenient construction, strong durability, high performance-price ratio, good sealing effect, beautiful appearance and saving land use. Compared with the traditional river channel, cofferdam, dam dike treatment methods, the use of U-shaped plate pile can save a large number of non-renewable resources such as stones, with the ecological environment protection, resource conservation advocacy, gravel resources are increasingly scarce, labor costs increased significantly , The advantages of U-shaped pile will be revealed.

What are the requirements for the transport and stacking of steel piles?

  1. Stacking site should be flat, solid, smooth drainage;
  2. The two ends of the pile should have appropriate protective measures, steel pipe pile should be set protection ring;
  3. Handling should be to prevent the impact of pile body caused by pile ends, pile damage or bending;
  4. Φ600 steel pile, not more than 4 layers; Φ400 steel pile, not more than 5 layers; H-shaped steel pile should not be greater than 6 Floor. Fulcrum settings should be reasonable, both sides of the steel piles should be used wedge plug.

Disadvantages and Limitations of Prestressed Pipe

Prestressed pipe piles have the same shortcomings as ordinary pipe piles.

  1.  Diesel hammer with a pipe pile, the vibration, noise, squeeze soil volume, will cause a certain degree of environmental pollution and impact. However, the use of static pressure method of construction, no vibration, no noise, but the squeezing effect is still there.
  2. Pile pile depth is limited, in the deep foundation pit excavation truncated after pile more, but the static pressure method construction, send pile depth can increase, more than pile less.
  3. Some geological conditions, such as limestone for the bearing layer, in the “soft under the hard, hard and soft mutations,” the geological conditions, should not use hammer method construction.

Cold rolled U profiled steel sheet pile

Production process cold rolled sheet pile or cold formed sheet piles:

steel through a variety of roll forming, interlocking molded in a first step, and then the other profiles. Entire rolling process is carried out at room temperature, then cooled. Cold rolling process increases the yield strength of the steel hardness and steel. The original steel sheet pile profiles only light, but gradually with the development of technology, the current cold-rolled steel sheet pile thickest can reach 16mm. More than 1500 mm width can. Cold-rolled steel sheet piles are lighter and easier to transport and delivery.

U-shaped steel sheet pile types and uses:

U-shaped steel sheet pile used in various fields for many years. Our sheet pile can provide a single pile, a pile double and triple piles. Theoretically, our steel sheet pile production plant can produce any size (any width, height, thickness, etc.), such as PAL steel sheet pile, PAU sheet piles, OT steel sheet pile, Omega steel sheet piles, sheet piles Arcelor, steel piles Arcelor, Skyline sheet pile, Oriental steel sheet pile. For different ground conditions, we can adjust the size to fit the exact project requirements.

(This article comes from Henan Seed Steel Metal Materials editor released)

Construction Technology of Steel Tie Rod

The construction steel draw bar relates to a prestressing tensile apparatus, and in particular, is high in strength and large in diameter relative to other types of tie rods. Through a special heat treatment process, to achieve a good comprehensive mechanical properties. It is fixed with the pin and the connecting pieces at both ends, and the auxiliary tension and the thread are loosened through the sheath. The technical scheme adopted is that:

  1. Heat treatment technology;
  2. Pin positioning technology;
  3. Pre – tightening technology of anti – loosening tooling;
  4. Threaded connection, adjusting sleeve to achieve structural tensioning technology;
  5. End forging, upsetting technology. Because of its stable performance, the high-grade steel tie rods are widely used in shipyard construction, bridges and construction fields. And by the application of prestressing, can achieve a large span, reduce the weight of the structure, to the combination of architecture and the United States.

Jiaxing Port and Hanghang used the new type of revetment of steel sheet piles in channel maintenance for the first time

April 20, Zhejiang Province, Hong Kong Shipping Administration Bureau held a Jiaxing Jia Jiesu submarine waterway maintenance project seven design review. Participants were representatives of provincial and municipal units and invited experts. Experts and representatives attended the meeting and listened to the design documents of the design units. After careful discussion and put forward specific suggestions for revision, they considered the cost, resettlement, construction and environment And other factors that the application of sheet pile revetment in the project is feasible, the design documents are basically in line with national and industry related technical standards and norms, in principle agree with the design documents, marking the new steel sheet pile revetment in the province River Waterway maintenance for the first time.

With the development of large-scale ships, the northern suburb of Zhajiasu line (coincided with the section of Hangzhou-Shanghai line) can not adapt to the social and economic development. The new revetment of the steel sheet pile construction is located in the Hebei section of the northern suburb of the Zhajiasu line. The newly built revetment is about 2.8 km. The old bank revetment will be carried out after the existing bank protection piles are finished. The flood control along the route will be ensured. drop to lowest. The implementation of the project will significantly improve the navigable conditions of the waterway and enhance the traffic capacity, but also prevent soil and water loss along the cross-strait, and further improve the flood control capacity along the strait to promote the protection of the ecological environment.

It is reported that the steel sheet pile revetment has a strong bearing capacity, its own structure is light, steel sheet pile composed of continuous wall has a high strength and rigidity, steel sheet pile connection junction lock tightly, can effectively prevent soil erosion, construction is convenient , The vibration is small, the time is short, the height is restricted and so on the special flight section may use then the pile, compared to the original cast-in-place bored pile and the sheet pile structure has the higher economy, to the geology condition request is lower, More options for revetment structures are provided during the implementation of the standardized channel maintenance.