Our Advantages of Tubular Pile

  • With our pipe pile mill strategically located near the port and our strong steel pile production ability, No limit on tubular pile dimensions, This is especially important for deep foundations,quay wall, cofferdam,Jetty construction. The biggest tubular pipes we have produced, length up to 100m,diameter up to 21m.Any steel grade,X70 or S460 or A690,as long as you name it, we will produce for your steel piles. Our SSAW pipe machines can produce up to 26mm thickness pipe piling, our LSAW machines can produce up to 80mm thickness piling pipes.
  • We have been in the steel piling industry for over 15 years, and we are in good contact with numerous sheet piling contractors, the big construction companies in the ENR list, design institutes etc, we know your needs and will fulfill it perfectly.
  • Our steel piling factory will produce the required sheet piles sizes, and corner sections as well. So that we will ship with tubular pile in one shipment, you just need to install them at jobsites
  • Further fabrications, like piling shoes, lifting ligs, weld beads, beveled ends, corner sections, paintings…etc we can all do in our workshops.SGS or BV Inspection report is normally supplied.

Metal sheet piling

Our drivable sheet piling is a highly versatile building material typically used for shore protection, headwalls and cut-off walls, as well as trench shoring. Interlocking seams at each vertical edge allow adjacent parts to be mechanically joined to make continuous walls.

Sheet piling is attractive, quickly installed and economical. Although lightweight, its unique profile gives it a high degree of stiffness. The result is a tremendous strength-to-weight ratio combined with easy drivability and handling.

Features & Benefits

1. Ideal as shore protection, headwalls, cut-off walls, and trench shoring

2. Metal-to-metal interlocking design provides positive retention of soil and water

3. Nestable pieces reduce storage and shipping costs

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What are the main points of using the steel sheet pile to remove the distribution box in the deep foundation

What are the main points of using the steel sheet pile to remove the distribution box in the deep foundation

  1. Distribution box should be installed in dry, ventilated and room temperature, power distribution box with rain and dust measures.
  2. Fixed distribution box under the end of the vertical distance from the ground is greater than 1.3 meters, less than 1.5 meters, mobile distribution box size is greater than 0.6 meters, less than 1.5 meters.
  3. Each power equipment spare dedicated switch box, the implementation of “one machine one gate, a box, a lock, a leakage” protection system, is strictly prohibited to use the same switch appliances direct control of two and more than two sets of electrical equipment ), And according to the provisions of the correct use of leakage switch.
  4. The inlet and outlet lines of the wires in the distribution box are located under the box body, and the inlet and outlet wires and the sheaths are split into bundles and the waterproof bends are made. The wire harnesses shall not be in direct contact with the box body.
  5. Fuse in the distribution box must meet the requirements, not dumping debris, where the scene to stop operations for more than an hour, power switch box should be power-locked.

Construction of steel sheet pile cofferdam

Sheet pile cofferdam construction and demolition of a high degree of mechanization, steel sheet pile recovery up to 70%, vertical slope, cross section is small, small footprint, safe and reliable. Steel sheet pile cofferdam construction process: positioning, playing mold base pillars, mold rack in place, placement of steel sheet pile installation, the installation of purlin and drawbars around the demolition of pillars and formwork, fill the gravel material to the design height.

Removal of Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam. After completion of the project, the foundation pit filled with water so that the water level on both sides of the cofferdam balance, cofferdam within the gravel material delamination, demolition of steel rod and purlin, with vibration hammer plucked steel sheet pile.

Tubular Combined Wall Pile

Sheet piling contractors especially prefer AZ sheet piles as the Intermediate sheet pile for sheet pile dock, wharf constructions, deep foundations because sheet pile installation of AZ sheet piles can be driven by double. The tubular combined wall not only service as the retaining wall member, resisting horizontal loads, but also serve as bearing pile which resist vertical loads. The OZ sheet pile can be shorter than the tubular piles and only have the functions of earth retaining and load transfer. Nowadays the interlocks used in the combined piles have many choices on the market, C9 C14 are the most traditional sheet piling accessory.

Seed Steel Advantages

1. Our strong design engineers team will optimize the project design, whether a tube combined wall, or combined wall, or simply Z or U type box piles. We will choose the best and most economical solutions for you. Sometimes combined walls with tubular piles is not the most economical solutions.

2. With our sheet pile pipe mill located near the port and our strong pipe piling production ability, No limit on dimensions, This is especially important in deep foundations, cofferdams, land reclamation, Jetty constructions, Wharf construction, sheet pile dewatering. The biggest steel pipe pile we have produced, length up to 100m,diameter up to 3200mm. Any steel grade,X70 or S460 or A690,as long as you name it, we will produce for you.

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Application of hot-rolled steel sheet pile in China

In the late 1950s in Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge construction, the Ministry of Railways Bridge Bureau from the former Soviet Union, China’s first U-shaped steel sheet pile in the pier cofferdam water construction. After several decades, the constraints of economic strength, coupled with domestic production equipment and rolling technology does not have, while limited to the lack of construction machinery and construction technology and other factors behind the application of hot-rolled steel sheet pile has been in a stagnant state. Today, Larsen steel sheet pile manufacturers to talk with you about the application of hot-rolled steel sheet pile technology in China’s development.

The end of the 20th century, a steel company with the introduction of universal rolling mill production line conditions and equipment, production of a width of 400mm SLU5-1 steel sheet pile 5000 tons, and successfully used in Nen River Bridge cofferdam, Jingjiang New Century Shipyard 300,000 tons dock and Bangladesh flood control project and other projects. However, due to low production efficiency during the trial production, poor economic returns, less domestic demand and lack of technical experience and other reasons, failed to continue production. According to statistics, China’s annual consumption of steel sheet pile remained at 3 million tons, accounting for only 1 %% of the world, and limited to a number of ports, terminals, shipyards and other permanent construction and construction of cofferdam, foundation pit support And other temporary works.

In recent years, with China’s rapid economic development, all kinds of new, efficient and environmentally friendly construction technology and materials to gradually promote the application. Because of its high strength and lightness, good water stop, strong durability, high construction efficiency and small occupation, the steel sheet pile solves the construction problems of some large-scale construction projects in China. Such as Shanghai Changxing Island shipbuilding base of a project, Tangshan Caofeidian Coal Terminal and other major projects for the steel sheet pile provides a place to play, steel sheet pile construction method to obtain the practice stage, the amount of these projects one-time sheet pile amounted to 10,000 tons, Good economic and social benefits.

In addition, temporary applications such as foundation pit protection, retaining cofferdam, wharf construction and other projects have also been tried, such as the Pudong International Airport Phase II project, the Shanghai World Expo Park project, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Wenzhou Railway and other projects , Temporary use of steel sheet pile is also larger. Steel sheet pile construction played an important role, to better meet the economic construction of China’s scientific and technological innovation, environmental protection and sustainable development needs.

But on the whole, China’s steel sheet pile technology is still in its infancy, the current annual consumption of 30,000 tons of steel sheet pile, and China’s total global steel consumption accounted for one-third of the total disproportionate position, and the developed countries still exist A great gap, and thus the production and application of hot-rolled sheet piles still have a long way to go.

Experimental study on uplift resistance of earth anchor piles for oil work-over rig derrick

The earth anchor pile is the most important part to fix the derrick on the oil work-over rig,which is connected with steel wire ropes during the work-over operation. Its bearing capacity concerns the safety of workers and work-over equipment. The oil pipes are ordinarily made into the anchor piles. The main part of the pile’s ultimate bearing capacity is pile side friction. To ensure the fixing quality of the whole derrick,the anchor piles must have great bearing capacity. The experiments on anchor piles in different soil conditions are done by using the methods of vibration and mechanical impedance test. After calculating the piles’ mechanical impedance and dynamic stiffness,the results of relations between the bearing capacities of anchor piles and soil conditions are got. The greatest bearing capacity of anchor pile is in clay soil,then in sandy soil,and the least is in low-lying wetland and construction backfill soil. It explains the mechanism of soil-pile interaction and the nonlinear law of pile side friction. The direct pile pulling method is used,which verifies the validity and accuracy of the mechanical impedance test,and is worth popularizing in the type of uniform section piles research. It can provide a help to prevent the anchor piles from being pulled out the earth during the oil tubes moving up and down,and ensure the safety operation.

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Three Details of Ground Anchor in Greenhouses

1. Good selection of quality ground anchor steel

In the construction of greenhouses, the anchor should be laid once, for many years to use. Ground anchor steel embedded in a section of the soil, exposed to the outside of a section, easy to rust, so the anchor used to produce the anchor must be better quality, durability, no rust. In the survey found that farmers have not been buried in the earth anchor, it has been rusty, it will obviously reduce the service life. Therefore, the reporter suggested to build shanty households, we must use high quality anchor anchor.

2. Pay attention to the depth of the pit

The anchor is not firmly fixed, the key to see how deep the anchor. Obviously the more shallow the laying of anchors, the less solid, the more likely to be pulled out. Reporters survey found that the new greenhouses after the completion of the wall in the east and west walls of the two anchors buried at the soil, mostly from the wall rolling down the loose soil. Many farmers in place to lay anchors, although the depth enough, but because of the loose soil layer, not easy to compaction, which led to the anchor is not solid. In this, the reporter suggested that the depth of buried anchor should reach at least half a meter, and must be hard solid soil layer, if the soil loose, can be taken first embedded part of the anchor, and then water Shen real, and then fill compaction .

3. Before use the ground anchor, placed a waste column, strengthen the firmness.

In order to further improve the anchorage of the anchor, it is suggested that before the laying of the ground anchor, a waste column should be laid horizontally on the inside of the ground anchor so that the anchor wire is attached to the column , Separated from the shed wall. This approach also facilitates the use of tightening machines to connect the wire to the ground anchor line.

Vinyl sheet pile installation

There are a large number of techniques to drive vinyl sheet piles. The system used is largely depending on the circumstances like:

  • Sheet pile length
  • On shore or off shore
  • Soil conditions
  • Water depth
  • Obstructions

In some situations, particularly when short lengths of Plastic Piling are being installed, it can be inserted into the ground by hand using a maul and Pile Cap. This is often the case in peat land areas, where the ground conditions are more favorable. When installing longer lengths, or where the ground conditions are more difficult, a Piling Hammer should be used. Driving the sheet pile directly can be done with a standard pneumatic hammer or a light vibrator with or without a clamp. This system is only suitable for driving at light conditions and to a limited depth.

For heavy conditions and installation from 4 m up to 8 depth it is advisable to used a steel support sheet pile with exactly the same shape as the PVC profile. With the support harder soil can be penetrated and installation is speeded up because the hammer does not have to be disconnected from the steel guiding sheet pile.

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Pile Supporting Measures in Steel Sheet Piles Construction

1. Water impulse method

Pile tip set high pressure water nozzle. High-pressure water jet loosens the soil and loosens the soil and rock, reduces the resistance of the pile tip and reduces the friction between the pile surface and the buckle, which makes it easy to pile and reduce the damage of pile and equipment.

2. Pre – drilling method

Pre-drilling can reduce soil resistance:

It is generally effective to drill a hole having a diameter of about 30 cm at the center of the pile width or to loosen the soil with a twist drill.

3. Blasting

This method is applicable to soils where it is difficult or impossible to construct steel sheet piles (H-piles, box-piles or pipe piles).

Common Blasting: Explosion creates a V-shaped groove in the pile wall. Piling conditions in loose soil areas are still difficult, as it is recommended to strengthen the pile tip.

Impact Blasting: The solid rock into fine particles, but does not move it, the impact of the rock is small.