Gas pipe transformation process

gas pipe transformation and do not want to change the work of other home improvement, not anyone or any company can transform the transformation of the gas pipe must be operated by the gas company’s gas station, the general community are vested with a gas station, You need to ask the professional staff to carry out the transformation of gas, the following look at the gas pipe transformation process:

  1. Any need to install or modify the gas pipe, should be prior to the direction of market development by the owners of the application, the gas company organized by the scene of the investigation, until the success of the application before they do the next transformation.
  2. Account opening and the need to carry an account notice, the owner of the ID card and real estate license and lease contracts, etc., and the gas company signed a good civil air supply contract, the payment of some account fees, within 5 working days, the gas company personnel Can be installed on site.
  3. If the owners of the layout of the gas pipe is not very satisfactory, you need to do the transformation of the project. The indoor gas pipe facilities, the transfer or modification are required to apply to the gas company, and pay the cost of exploration, pending home visits professionals can be based on the requirements of the owners of a reasonable transformation of the total cost of settlement.

Water pipes plus “clothing” anti-cold tide water supply facilities to upgrade

Earlier this year, Suzhou by the “King class” cold wave, many old village water meter burst and water pipe burst situation is serious. Recently, the staff of Suzhou Water Company came to Canglang Street Magnolia New Village to upgrade the water supply facilities to improve the water supply capacity of cold.

Earlier this year, the cold wave struck, due to urban old village, old street building built longer, riser, water meter and other water supply terminal facilities use a longer, cold capacity is not strong, old village, old residential water meter burst and water pipe Burst pipe is serious. According to statistics, a total of more than 70 households Magnolia Village of water pipes, water table by varying degrees of damage. Now there are less than 2 months to the end of the year, Suzhou Water Group official said, the recent water supply area for the old village, the old Lane water supply facilities, the upgrading of the project has begun to implement.

Recently, the construction team in the Magnolia Village renovation pipe climbing operation need to build a scaffolding, has been Magnolia New Village property and the Magnolia community with, to ensure the smooth progress of the project. The transformation of the water supply facilities is divided into three steps, first of all outdoor water meter box filled with quartz sand for insulation; then the corridor inside the water meter box to check and found the phenomenon of timely repair glass damage; Finally, the floor The facade trough plate is replaced with a foam rubber and plastic foam insulation layer with a thickness of 3 centimeters. It adds the “clothing” to the water pipe to improve its frost resistance.