What are the characteristics of PHC pipe pile engineering

PHC pipe pile construction of a high degree of mechanization, on-site clean, good construction environment. Will not occur on the site of the bored piles mud floor full of dirty situation. There will not be artificial digging pile pumping site everywhere pumping soil and mud soil and the underground operation of the insecurity, easy to civilized construction, safe production.

PHC pipe pile construction speed, high efficiency, short construction period.

Widely used in industrial and civil construction, bridges, port terminals, water conservancy projects, in the national construction plays an increasingly important role. PHC pipe pile in foreign countries also developed rapidly in Japan, Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asian countries are widely used.

Driving method for sheet pile

There is few driving method for sheet pile driving such as pitch and drive, panel driving and staggered driving.

1) Pitch and Drive

Pitch and drive is the simplest method for sheet pile driving, it involves driving each sheet pile to full depth before pitching the next one. However it is only suitable for loose soils and short piles.

2) Panel Driving

The purpose of using panel driving is to ensure that the sheet piles are driven with good alignment and verticality. The risks of driving difficulties and problems of de-clutching also can be minimised.

Because a whole panel of piles has been pitched there is no need to drive all piles fully to maintain piling operations. If obstructions are encountered, individual piles can be left high without fear of disruption to the overall efficiency.

Panel driving is suitable for dense sands and stiff cohesive soils or in the case of potential obstructions.

3) Staggered Driving

In difficult soil conditions, panel installation combined with staggered driving is more suitable in driving process.

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