Pile Supporting Measures in Steel Sheet Piles Construction

1. Water impulse method

Pile tip set high pressure water nozzle. High-pressure water jet loosens the soil and loosens the soil and rock, reduces the resistance of the pile tip and reduces the friction between the pile surface and the buckle, which makes it easy to pile and reduce the damage of pile and equipment.

2. Pre – drilling method

Pre-drilling can reduce soil resistance:

It is generally effective to drill a hole having a diameter of about 30 cm at the center of the pile width or to loosen the soil with a twist drill.

3. Blasting

This method is applicable to soils where it is difficult or impossible to construct steel sheet piles (H-piles, box-piles or pipe piles).

Common Blasting: Explosion creates a V-shaped groove in the pile wall. Piling conditions in loose soil areas are still difficult, as it is recommended to strengthen the pile tip.

Impact Blasting: The solid rock into fine particles, but does not move it, the impact of the rock is small.

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