The advantages and disadvantages of seamless steel pipe

Seamless pipe is a steel, which is hollow, there are many different shapes, to facilitate the selection and use. Seamless steel tube is made of steel ingots or solid tube through the perforation of capillary, and then through a series of industrial production processes to complete. Seamless steel pipe with a hollow section, so that can flow into a lot of water and the like liquid, steel and round steel and other solid steel is not only very hard, King Penguin material is relatively light, is an economic section steel, In many aspects can be used, such as oil drill pipe, car drive shaft, bicycle frame and construction of steel scaffolding. Seamless steel pipe has the advantage of high pressure, good toughness, pipe length and interface less. But the general price of such steel is relatively high, it is easy to corrosion, to be ah yo regular replacement. Seamless steel tube under the same weight light weight. Seamless steel pipe manufacturing ring parts, can improve material utilization, simplify the manufacturing process, saving materials and processing time advantages.

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