Steel Sheet Pile Seawall Corrosion Protection

With the Humidur coating system, we can repair and stop corrosion at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire steel sheet pile wall. The DZI Mobile Cofferdam can be quickly transported and set up to be used with almost any steel sheet pile dock wall. Once the mobile cofferdam is in place, a variety of work can occur inside the dewatered cofferdam, for example:

  • Existing corrosion inspection by the owner and/or engineer
  • Pressure washing to remove the corroded layer of steel
  • Welding supplemental steel plates onto severely corroded areas of the wall
  • Sand blasting to prepare the cleaned steel surface for painting
  • Application of the corrosion-stopping Humidur coating; or
  • Bolting on large pre-coated steel protection plates in front of the cleaned existing wall
  • Progress inspections of the sheet pile wall by the owner and/or engineer

(This article comes from Roen Salvage editor released)

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