Pile pile pipe inlet end of highly weathered soft rock softening

Pile pile pipe inlet end of highly weathered soft rock softening:

Pile pipe into the water are:

  1. From the poor welding quality of the pile joints and the lower opening directly into the pile tip of the open pile, into the pile core plugs do not have water-resistant capacity.
  2. Pile end plate welding is not strong, eccentric hammer or bias weld cracks, seepage from the cracks into the pile pipe inside.
  3. As the hammer to the end plate and the prestressed tendons anchor loose, and cracks.
  4. In the course of hammering and static pressure, the pile body will produce cracks that penetrate through the pile wall. The hammer peening hammer standard shall reach the end bearing layer, the final penetrating degree or the final 1m pile hammer number as the main control index . The final pressure standard of static pressure pile construction should be considered in consideration of factors such as pile length, pressure value, geological condition and regional experience.

Pile pipe into the water leading to the end of a strong weathering rock softening problem Wuhan area of strong weathered rock mainly refers to the mudstone and sandstone. The saturated uniaxial compressive strength after softening of the pile-end bearing layer is greatly reduced after the water-in-pipe, and this problem must be paid full attention.

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