Types and Application of Ground Anchor

Ground anchor in accordance with the set form of a pile anchor and horizontal anchor two. Pile type anchor is suitable for fixing the cable wind with little force, and rarely used in structure hoisting. Horizontal anchor is a few logs (square wood or steel) tied together with wire rope, placed horizontally at the end of the anchor, wire rope at the end of the pit from the pit leads, rope and the ground angle should be equal to the cable wind And the ground angle, and then use the earth and stone backfill compaction. Logging depth and the number of logs should be based on the size and soil anchorage force may be determined, the general buried depth of 1.5 ~ 2m, the force can be 30 ~ 150kN, log length of 1 ~ 1.5m. When the tensile force exceeds 75kN, the anchor bar should be increased. When the tension is greater than 150kN, the application of columns and wooden walls to strengthen to increase the lateral resistance of soil.

Heavy-duty anchors (such as heavy-duty mast cranes and cable-wind anchors) are made of reinforced concrete.

Horizontal anchor installation and use should be noted:

  1. Ground anchors should be buried in hard soil where the ground is not wet, not water.
  2. Do not use decaying wood for anchor, crossbar tied cable at four corners to use angle reinforcement. Wire rope to be bound firmly.
  3. Important ground anchors should be calculated, after the need to be tested.
  4. After the anchor is buried, it should undergo a detailed inspection before it can be used formally. Use a person responsible for the guard, such as deformation, should take immediate measures to strengthen.

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