What is are Helical Tie Backs?

Helical Tie Backs are a pre engineered anchoring systems for both temporary as well as permanent earth and wall retention. The Tie Back System give walls the strength to resist forces which would otherwise cause the wall to lean or bow. They can be installed fast and in limited access areas with no excavation or spoils to remove.

Tie backs provide predictable load capacities by anchoring the helical lead section into the soil and then the other plated end locked into the retaining wall.  The Helical Tie backs are screwed into place in retaining walls by the hydraulic torque drive assembly.  They are driven to the specified distance then the specified torque values needed re reached to hold the wall in place with a 2:1 or greater safety factor. Immediate load testing is done once the pier is finally installed and then clean up can begin.

(This article comes from Champion Foundation Services editor released)

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