What are the advantages of prestressed pipe pile?

Prestressed pipe piles not only have the same advantages as ordinary pipe piles, but also possess some advantages not possessed by other pipe piles due to their own characteristics.

  1. Single pile bearing capacity is high. Prestressed concrete pile pile strength is high, and some up to 80MPa, and can enter the dense sand and strong weathering layer, the pile tip into the strong weathering layer or dense sand layer, after a strong squeeze, near the tip of the pile Strong weathered layer or dense sand layer is not the original state, pile end bearing capacity can be 80-100% increase than the original, so the design value of pile bearing capacity than the same diameter cast-in-place pile or bored pile, such as Φ100- 500 pile, the maximum design bearing capacity used to 2700kN, equivalent to Φ600 and Φ700 of the drill (red) bored piles.
  2. Wide selection of design options. Pipe pile specifications, the general manufacturers can produce Φ300-Φ600 pipe piles, individual can also produce Φ800 and Φ1000 pipe pile; single pile bearing capacity from 600kN to 4500kN, both for multi-storey building, but also for 50 layers below High-rise building, but also in the same building foundation, but also according to the size of the column load with different diameter pipe piles, pile design is easy to solve the problem, but also give full play to the maximum bearing capacity of each pile, and pile settlement Uniform.
  3. And it has strong adaptability to geological conditions with large fluctuation of bearing layer. Because the pipe pile section length is short, commonly used 10-12m section, there are 15-16m section, there are 4-5m, 6-7m short section, with a flexible, convenient section, at the construction site at any time according to geological conditions Changes in the amount of adjustment section pile length, saving the amount of pile, not like ordinary precast concrete square pile as prone to lack of pile length or pile phenomenon.
  4. The bearing capacity of single pile is cheap. It is unscientific to compare the economic value of the pile with the cost per meter or the cost of the concrete. The comparison is made by the bearing capacity of the unit (per ton or per KN). Although the cost per meter pipe pile than the sinking of the pile, but the bearing capacity of a single pile is high, the resulting cost per tonne bearing capacity is still cheaper than the immersion pile; although the cost of concrete pipe pile than the man-made digging pile and pile , But the bearing layer than the manual digging pile and bored pile shallow, so the cost per ton bearing capacity under normal circumstances is still cheaper than digging pile and bored pile, in general, the prestressed pipe pile unit The cost of bearing capacity in many pile type is a cheaper one.
  5. Transport lifting convenient, then pile fast. Pile section length is generally less than 13m, there are prestressed pile, lifting hook with a special hook at both ends of the pipe pile can be easily suspended. Then take the pile welding method, if the use of two welders work together, Φ500 of the pile, a connector about 20 minutes or so can be welded.
  6. Pile length is not limited by construction machinery. As the pile with a flexible, piles can be long or short length, unlike the sinking cast-in-place by the construction machinery restrictions, not the same as manual dug pile, pile length limited by geological conditions.
  7. Pipe pile construction speed, short construction period. Mainly in the following three aspects: a) pre-construction preparation time is short, PHC pile from production to use the shortest time only 3-4 days; b) construction speed, a 2-3 million m2 building area of ​​high-rise building , A month or so will be able to complete the pile; c) detection time is short, 2-3 weeks to test the inspection is completed.

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