Sheet Pile Corrosion Protection

To enhance the durability of sheet piles and hence to increase the success of your project, two forms of corrosion protection are available: Coating and hot-dip galvanizing.


The choice of coating system depends on the expected stressing and the required service life. To cope with the severe stressing to which sheet piling is usually exposed, epoxy resin or polyurethane coatings are applied in most cases. They are also compatible with the HOESCH interlock seal system.

The high strength of these systems permits complete coating in the factory because, if correctly handled, no damage during transport or installation is to be expected. A factory coating is also advisable for environmental reasons, as this eliminates problems associated with grinding dust and overspray on the project site. To prevent rust stains on the coated sections, any existing interlock gaps must be grouted on site.

The coating of section interlocks filled with bitumen-based materials is not recommended, as during threading some of the material will be squeezed out of the interlock chamber and soil the wall of sheet piling. Subsequent cleaning of these areas is complicated and expensive.

Hot dip galvanising

Hot-dip galvanizing is another method of corrosion protection and is also compatible with the HOESCH interlock seal system. It can also be combined with coatings (duplex system) to yield synergies. The requirements of DIN EN ISO1461 must be observed. Before hot-dip galvanizing, a steel analysis must be carried out in order to determine the surface quality. Special marking is also necessary. Notice should therefore be given of the intention to have the piles hot-dip galvanized before the start of rolling. Like coating, hot-dip galvanizing is not recommended if the interlock has been filled with bitumen-based materials.

(This article comes from Thyssenkrupp Infrastructure editor released)

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