Classification of sheet piles

Sheet pile is a marginal linkage with, and this linkage can be freely combined to form a continuous tight retaining walls or retaining steel body.

Cold-formed steel
Continuous cold bending deformation of the strip to form a Z-shaped cross-section, U-shaped or other shapes, building foundation can be connected to each other by locking sheet metal.
Sheet pile to roll roll forming process for the production of cold-formed steel is applied in civil engineering major product of a will of steel sheet pile with a pile driver hit (pressure) into the ground, making interconnected into a steel sheet pile wall to block and retaining soil. Section type commonly used are: U-shaped, Z-shaped and straight belly plate. Sheet pile suitable for soft ground and high water table deep excavation, simple construction, the advantage of good sealing performance, can be reused. Delivery status of cold-formed steel sheet pile length delivery pile of 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m, according to user requirements, length processing, maximum length of 24m. (If you have special requirements for length, can be raised in order) to the actual weight of cold-formed steel sheet pile delivery, it can be delivered by theoretical weight. The application of cold-formed steel sheet pile sheet pile products with applications in civil engineering construction convenient, fast progress, does not require a large construction equipment, is conducive to seismic design features, and according to the specific circumstances of the project, change the cross-sectional shape of the cold-formed steel sheet pile and length, so that the structural design is more economical and reasonable. In addition, after the optimization design of cold-formed steel sheet pile section of the product, its quality factor products has been significantly improved, reducing the weight per meter pile wall width, reduce project costs.

Technical parameters
Cold-formed steel sheet pile products are hot-rolled steel sheet piles and piles of two types divided by the production process. In engineering construction, cold-formed steel sheet pile narrow range of applications, mostly as a supplementary application materials, hot-rolled steel sheet pile has been a leading product engineering applications. Based on the many advantages of steel sheet piles in construction jobs, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the National Standardization Management Committee on 14 May 2007 issued a “U-shaped hot-rolled steel sheet pile,” the national standard, and in December 1, 2007 formally implemented. 20th century, Maanshan Limited with self universal mill production line imported technology and equipment conditions, producing a width of 400mm U-shaped steel sheet pile of more than 5,000 tons, and successfully applied to the Nen River Bridge cofferdam, Jingjiang new century shipyard 300,000 ton dock and Bangladesh flood control projects and other projects. However, due to low productivity during the trial production, economic efficiency, and less domestic demand and lack of technical experience and other reasons, can not continue to produce. According to statistics, China’s annual consumption of steel sheet piles remained at about 30,000 tons, accounting for only 1 %% of the world, and is limited to a few ports, docks, shipyards and bridge construction projects and other permanent cofferdam, excavation and other temporary works.
Cold-formed steel sheet pile is in a continuous roll forming by Cold Unit, and the locking side may overlap to form a continuous sheet pile wall of steel structures. Cold-formed steel sheet pile using a thin sheet (common thickness 8mm ~ 14mm), to roll forming machine processing. Its low cost of production and the price is cheap, length control is also more flexible. But simple processing methods, the same thickness all parts pile, resulting in increased cross-sectional dimensions can not optimize the amount of steel; locking parts refractory shapes, loose connection at the snap, you can not seal; by cold bending processing equipment capacity constraints, only can produce steel intensity level is low, compared with the thickness of thin products; and cold bending stress generated during processing large pile easy to produce using tear applications with great limitations. In engineering construction, cold-formed steel sheet pile narrow range of applications, mostly only as a supplement to the material applications. Cold-formed steel sheet pile Features: according to the actual situation of the project, selecting the most economical and reasonable cross-section, optimize engineering design, material savings of 10-15% compared with the performance of hot-rolled steel sheet pile, greatly reducing the construction cost.

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