Installation of systhetic sheet piling

Vinyl Sheet Piles can be installed in the same way as steel sheet pile. Due to its low weight, installation goes easier and faster. Also the transport and removal is easier.  This results in lower costs for your project. Synthetic sheet piling are ideal for revetment and shore protection. As they do not rust, this is an ideal solution for public areas and embankments.

Installation guidelines

The method of installation depends on:

  • soil composition
  • obstacles
  • height
  • installation depth

Vibrating Plate

The common way to install a sheet pile is with a vibrating plate. Mounted on a crane or excavator, the sheet pile is driving into the ground.


Injection is an installation method which is used in compact or highly dense soil. The soil is loosened by water injection at the toe of the sheet pile.


Sheet pile pressing is noise-less and vibrating-free which makes this installation method suitable for urban areas. This method is depending on the type of sheet piling and the soil composition.

(This article comes from JLD international editor released)

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