JFE Steel Corporation announced that it has won a contract together with Marubeni-Itochu Steel to supply 2,200t of linepipes to Statoil Petroleum, a Norwegian oil and gas company. The linepipes include 1,400t of MightySeam® electric-resistance-welded (ERW) steel pipes and 800t of 13% chromium stainless seamless pipes. JFE Steel produced the MightySeam steel pipes at its Keihin District facility within the company’s East Japan Works and the 13% chromium seamless pipes at its Chita Works. They were shipped to Statoil’s Gullfaks Rimfaksdalen Project in June 2015.

The project will use pipe-in-pipe technology and the reel-based method to lay the pipes. JFE Steel will supply both inner pipe (13% chromium seamless pipe) and outer pipe (ERW pipe) to Statoil at the same time. The reel method requires strict manufacturing specifications.

Compared to conventional products, JFE Steel’s proprietary MightySeam boasts dramatically robust weld toughness that remains effect even at temperatures below -50°C. JFE Steel uses proprietary advanced processes to control the morphology and distribution of oxides emitted during welding, and then phased array ultrasonics to check for flaws along each weld’s entire length on a real-time basis.

JFE Steel’s 13% chromium seamless pipe offers strong resistance to CO2 corrosion and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) degradation. In addition, it reduces maintenance costs and eliminates the need for environmentally harmful chemicals to inhibit rust. It also is cheaper than duplex stainless steel pipe containing separate layers of higher-percentage 22% and 25% chromium stainless, so it helps to reduce costs.

(This article comes from DUPLEX WORLD edit released)

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