Reinforced concrete sheet pile

Reinforced concrete sheet piles have high strength, rigidity, easily obtained, the advantages of simple construction, its shape can be designed according to need, and-groove joints waterproof structure can be solved, as compared with steel sheet pile without regard to pile pulling problem, so the base pit project occupies a place in the diaphragm walls, bored pile retaining wall before the row has not yet developed, the basic foundation pit structure using steel piles and concrete sheet pile.

As the domestic long been limited to the sunk pile hammer, hammer and limited equipment capacity, pile size, the length is limited, apply a limited excavation depth, reinforced concrete sheet piles of applications and development has been in the doldrums. With the development of pile driving equipment, and methods other pile hammer outside added hydraulic pile, high pressure water pile supporting cantilevered manner from simple, the anchor development to ramp anchor and the multi-layer support, etc. various forms of reinforced concrete sheet pile to bring a wide range of applications.

(This article comes from 百度百科 editor released)

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