Hydraulic Pipes Bender

Hydraulic pipes bender suits for water pipe, wire conduit, gas pipe, thick steel conduit, Max. Bending angle is 90°. 1/2″~2″ can be one shot, 2 1/2″~3″ must be bended by moving the tube 3-5 times. Bending shoes are light weight, heat-treated aluminium alloy. Bending shoes above 3″ are made by good tractable spheroidal graphite cast iron, strong and unbreakable. Choose suitable model according to the pipe size. DO NOT use big size model to bend small size pipe!! 4″ pipes must be bended by moving 5-10 times instead of finishing twice, otherwise pipes depressed or the bending shoes damages occur.


(This article comes from weamax.com edit released)

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