Features of Steel Sheet Pile Construction Method

As a green-infrastructure reusable material, U-shaped hot rolled sheet pile has meeting the engineering requirements, functional, reliable, ease of use, safety, environmental protection, and other unique advantages with its efficient, durable, simple, lightweight and excellent sectional structure impervious seal shape.

Steel sheet pile with anchor (or support), and other devices constitute integral steel structure, through the pile of larson lock mouth bite each other. Compared with other methods, the steel sheet pile construction has the following distinctive features:

  • The construction is simple, occupied area is small, the construction operation is flexible and simple.
  • Quick operation, short construction period, suitable for the implementation of floods, landslides, subsidence, quicksand disasters such as fast repair.
  • Light structure. Compared with other structures, it is light structure, strong bearing capacity, monomer good vibration resistance.
  • Lie between water is strong, can make the structure quick check water or lost circulation, prevent infiltration, easy construction.
  • Durability, in a relatively harsh environment in the life of up to 50 years.
  • Construction of environmental protection, soil and concrete consumption greatly reduced, effective protection of land resources.
  • Good repeatability, repeated use of 20 ~ 30 times in temporary engineering.

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