Advantages of Hollow Bar Anchors

The hollow bar anchor system is ideal for Tie Back Anchors; Ground Anchors, Grouted Anchors, Injection Grouting, Grout Blankets, Soil Nailing, Ground Stabilsation and Rock Coring.


  • Three (3) times greater productivity than conventional systems.
  • Fast progress of construction due to drillling, anchor installation and grouting in a single operation
  • No casing is required in collapsing ground conditions.
  • Neither separate anchor installation nor removal of casing and drill rods are necessary
  • Similar installation methods for all ground conditions
  • The hollow core not only serves for flushing during drilling, but also for grouting the anchors
  • Grout injection technique continually scours and flushes the sides of the drill hole, enhancing mechanical connection to

    the soil.

  • Anchor bars are made from a high quality, high yield, low carbon steel, which does not suffer from hydrogen

    embrittlement or stress corrosion cracking.

  • The grout body provides simple, permanent corrosion protection.
  • Very low creep characteristics of the bar obviate the need for re-stressing.
  • Flexibility in length due to the utilization of couplers
  • Can be extended by couplings on site if ground conditions do not match the S.I. information.

(This article comes from Trench Control editor released)

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