Composite and vinyl sheet piles, bulkheads and sea walls

Our construction and optimum design guarantees high durability and makes possible diverse, very universal application.

Composite vinyl sheet piles can be used as aesthetic and solid sea walls, bulkheads, they secure river banks as well as are a great solution for road construction and in many other situations.

Amongst the advantages of the system the complexity of solutions and the durability of all of the elements are one of the most important. We are also proud of aesthetic look, light weight, incombustibility, as well as safety of our sea walls or bulkheads. Moreover, thanks to high resistance to rust or scratches, our system is superior to traditional solutions made e.g. out of steel.

The combination of modern material, well-thought design and high quality production process results in manufacturing piling which meets even the highest expectations.

Benefits of vinyl and composite piles

There are several reasons to choose vinyl, composite sheet pile. Amongst the most important, the following should be mentioned:

  • low costs – in comparison with traditional solutions, both the initial as well as long-term costs (of e.g. repairs, replacement of damaged elements etc.) are much smaller,
  • resistance – not only with respect to their durability, but also when it comes to UV resistance,
  • simple installation – quick and easy, with the use of simple machinery, allows to limit the time of work as well as the initial costs,
  • high aesthetics – their appearance does not change over time, the color remains the same, thus all of the sea wall, bulkheads etc. remain very aesthetic throughout the years.

The main difference, resulting in diverse application of vinyl sheet piling and its composite alternative, is the maximum height of protective construction created with their use. Since the latter can be installed to create much higher bulkheads, sea walls and other, similar constructions than the former one, it is much more often applied near coast line. Apart from that, with both solutions you get all of the benefits described above.

(This article comes from MINBUD editor released)

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