Various design methods have proved worthwhile for thestructural analysis of sheet piling structures. There are methods based on classic active/passive earth pressure theory, idealisation of the subsoil through elastic-plastic spring models, and ultimate load approaches. Sheet pile walls belong to the class of wall-type retaining structures whose design is covered by section 10 of DIN 1054:2005-01. DIN 1054 is an overriding standard that provides a general format for all analyses. The establishment of actions, resistances, calculation procedures and construction is covered by the specialist standards and recommendations of the German Society for Geotechnics (DGGT).

In accordance with the current state of the art, sheet piling structures are calculated and dimen- sioned with the help of computers these days. It is nevertheless essential for the design engineer to have a sound knowledge of the various methods of calculation, either for the purpose of checking the computer calculations or for carrying out quick and simple preliminary designs.

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