Material failure of components

Verification of the loadbearing capacity of the steel sheet pile section can be carried out via an elastic analysis of the permissible stress. This corresponds to the EAB method for excavations and the EAU method for waterfront structures. However, current research into the determination of the ultimate load capacity Rd,i of steel sheet piles at the ultimate limit state enables the advantages of plastic design to be exploited for sheet pile walls as well. Information on the plastic method of analysis can be found in K ALLE, (2005) and DIN V ENV 1993-5 (1998).The follow example shows the design for the elastic-elastic case to DIN 18800 (1990).

Example: Simpli fied analysis of material failure of sheet pile wall to DIN 18800-1 (1990)

The analysis of material failure of the sheet pile wall is carried out for the system shown in example 6.10 and 6.11.

From the structural calculations we get the following actions:

due to permanent loads due to variable loads design value
Resultant anchor forceA [kN /m] 109.3 23.1 182.2
Horizontal equivalent force C [kN /m] 91.6 10.6 139.3
Bending moment Mmax [kNm /m] 162.7 27.9 248.7
Normal forceNmax [kN /m] -68.9 -11.5 -110.4

Requirements for the material resistances can be found in the respective standards.

Select:    HOESCH 1605 section

steel grade S 240 GP, min. yield strength fy,k = 240 N/mm2

Partial safety factor to DIN 18800: γM=1.10

For simplicity, the comparative stress analysis for the maximum design loads M maxand Nmaxis carried out, the shear stress analysis will be neglected.

The limit condition to DIN 1054:2005-01 is rewritten for the limit condition regulated in the standard. In the case of verifying the sheet pile wall section

Ed ≤ R M,d   becomes   σd ≤ fy,d

The following applies


The analysis is satisfied; the degree of utilisation of the section amounting to μ = 75% may be optimised if

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