Sheet Pile Installation Methods

The installation of sheet pile is a specialist activity, calling for considerable knowledge and experience of handling sheet piles and operating hammers to achieve an acceptable placement within specified tolerances of position and level.

Guidance on the practical limits that can be achieved in position and level for driven steel sheet piles is available from the FPS (Federation of Piling Specialists) and in the TESPA (Technical European Sheet Piling Association) publication Installation of steel sheet. Guidance is also included at the back of the ICE Specification for piling and embedded retaining walls.

The designer should refer to these documents before carrying out a design, because the advice given will often affect the details at connections to the sheet pile cap in the structure.

There is much to gain from matching the stiffness of the sheet pile to the hammer and to the anticipated soil resistance at the site to achieve satisfactory driveability and to ensure achievement of the required design penetration.

The same installation methods as for sheet piles described above can be used for sheet piles.

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