Application of Combined Wall

Combined walls are put together through interlocking clutches or by installing sheet piles in between the steel piles.

In combined wall, piles acts as the load bearing structure, while sheet piles installed in between make the wall continuous.

Combined wall is an effective and economical solution for a high section modulus requirement and often used in applications i.e. building foundation, bridges, wharves and piers.

We are capable to supply the complete solution from our partners overseas. Our steel piles can be manufactured by SSAW or LSW method in accordance to relevant standards i.e. ASTM A252 / API 5L /AS/NZS 1579 / AS/NZS 1163 with interlocking hot or cold rolled clutches welded in line with AS/NZS 1554.1 SP or AWS D1.1

This article comes from thyssenkrupp-infrastructure edit released

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