Rational Analysis of Impervious Steel Sheet Pile Walls

Until recently no consistent methodology has been available for the assessment of the seepage resistance of steel sheet pile (SSP) walls. The lack of such a methodology can conceivably lead to uneconomic design, especially in cases where the seepage resiatance is substantially greater than specific design requires.

ProfilARBED, the world’s leading producer of sheet piles, has carried out an exhaustive research projects in collaboration with Delft Geotechnics. The aim of the project was to determine the rate of seepage through SSP walls for various joint filler materials, as well as for empty and welded joints.

Two key areas of research were addressed:

  • Setting up a consistent theoty to describe the leakage behaviour through individual joints.
  • In situ experimentation on SSP walls.

In this paper the research results are deployed to enable the practical designer to make a rational assessment of the rate of seepage for a specific case. A range of possibilities is discussed: highly permeability and completely impervious welded joints.

The cost involved in each case can be balanced against the seepage resistance requirements and the most appropriate solution will present itself on the basis of the analysis.

(This article comes from J Steel Australasia editor released)

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