Corrosion Protection for Permanent Strand Anchors

The same principles of corrosion protection for Permanent Bar Anchors apply for Permanent Strand Anchors, to ensure durability throughout the lifespan. For Permanent Strand Anchors, Double Corrosion Protection is achieved by two independent layers of plastic sheathing as follows:

Bond Length

Two concentric corrugated plastic sheaths (typically factory pregrouted).

Free Length

Individual plastic sheaths (smooth) for each strand, all enclosed within a common external corrugated plastic sheath. Protection at the anchor head is provided by a fully enclosed assembly. Borehole grout is not recognised as a corrosion protection barrier by current anchor standards (BS8081 or EN1537) . Anchors are factory assembled and coiled (except for pregrouted bond length) prior to delivery.

(This article comes from DYWIDAG-Systems International editor released)

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